Schurter's dominance over? (Spoilers?)

That is crazy. He is 75 kg…his FTP could be close to 6w/KG.

Nino got second and was somewhere around a minute ahead of the 3rd place guy. If you remove mvdp, nino is still smashing everyone else. He’s still got it. Mvdp just has a bit more.

@thesupermarket You’re not wrong, but glad I watched it last night – that whole post needs to be wrapped in /spoiler !

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Katherine Pendral’s husband comments often on the MTBR forum (LMN), and he has some interesting insights. Here is his comments on pro MTB 20 min power.

Based on the information that I have I think these are the approximate CP20s it takes to contend for the win in a Men’s and Women’s XCO race.
Men: A bit more of guess on this one but I think it is about 6.2 watts/kg. I know 6.0 puts you in the top 15.
Women: Pretty confident on this one (or at least this was true a couple of years ago) but 5.5 watts/kg.
Keep in mind though those numbers are at absolute peak form and the top athletes only see them a couple of times a season.

This would mean his threshold is in the 430 watt range.


I would say he’s pretty close with those numbers.
I think Annika Langvad is pushing around 330 - 340 for ftp @ 64kg. She is definitely the strongest or certainly one of the strongest women when it comes down to horse power.

Nino looked pretty dominant today! Spoiler Alert


There’s a 4 letter response to that…

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