Schurter's dominance over? (Spoilers?)

Looks like everyone is starting to catch up to him…MVDP seems to be able to ride away from him at will.

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MVDP seems able to ride away from pretty much anyone at will at the moment and on any type of bike too…MTB, road, cyclocross. He is just an amazing bike rider!


Might be calculated, playing the long game for the Olympics next year.

He might have changed his training where the focus is more and next year and any wins he gets this year are a bonus

… or focused on World’s. And … sorry, but I’ve been watching this game too long … I don’t trust the new sensation that seemingly maintains peak fitness throughout the year.


If I was a betting man I think he’s planning his peak around World’s.

It’s been really interesting watching the events this year. MVDP has certainly had a major impact in his ability to surge late. Hopefully this is all just genetics and training, but it is remarkable how he has another level compared to the other elite rides.

As for Nino, the playing field does appear more level now, with either others improving or him slipping back a little. However probably best to see how the rest of the year plays out.

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I agree with this. Kate was off this past weekend too, kinda seems like the whole Scott team put in a massive training block and did VdS fatigued. Fingers crossed for some serious fireworks at MSA and Snowshoe.

True…if you follow Kate on Instagram she was doing a big block right up until mid week before VdS…Schurter didnt really show what he was doing.

I don’t think so, let’s see what next week brings! Nino still has a lot of wins left along with some records I’m sure he would like to take along the way.

Bye Nino, you had a great run.

He’s never going to be as dominant as he was the other year.

But he literally just won at Les Gets two weeks ago.

MVDP who wasn’t focusing on that race didn’t have a good ride.
Flueckiger, who has been competitive with Nino this season, was more than a minute back.

Performances will be variable based on where someone is at in their training and like others have said, with World Champs coming up I’d guess he’s probably focusing on that.

His pure dominance is over this year compared to years past, but I bet it’s inaccurate to say his “run” is over.

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My comment was harsh, but reality can be that way. Nino will have a few days here and there for certain but he’s at the back end of his career. For the sport, XC it is better that there is now more competition and excitement. Look to le tour this year for enough evidence that excitement isn’t dominance, it is the unknown.

I don’t disagree that things are more exciting now.

Just arguing that if it was truly “Bye Nino” or that his run was over, then he wouldn’t have won in Les Gets two weeks ago and he wouldn’t “have a few days here and there” is all.

He’s still going to be incredibly competitive, we just can’t expect that he’s going to win every race. That’s far from your run being over though.

you have to remember too, they were at 9.8k ft or 3k m. high elevation has been hard on both of them

No one can match his consistent fitness throughout the entire season. Imo, he’s still the best, at least for now.

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I think you could also argue that Nino has better technical skills than the others, specifically MVdP, but the gap is closing. Nino will make it competitive for a while still.

Schurter may be slightly better on technical terrain, but, as my mate always said: It doesn’t matter if you’re quicker on the way down if your stuck behind the guy who was quicker to the top.

I think his domination my well be over but as you say, that doesn’t make him uncompetative all of a sudden.


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No spoilers for those who haven’t seen it yet, but today’s performance was a masterclass in bike racing.



Yeah…that racing was crazy good…both the men’s and women’s. It just amazes me how hard Nino and MVDP can go for close to 90 minutes.

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MVDP just posted his stats from the race on his Instagram story - 407W NP for 1:18h.