SBT GRVL 2021 Thread

I’m aiming for about 10 hours, at 3.low FTP. The biggest drivers of how I’ll do will be - not surprisingly for a long race - pacing, nutrition and hydration - and can I keep my energy levels up in the latter hours of the race.

SBT GRVL isn’t a pure climbers race, so absolute FTP is important in addition to W/kg.

For a very rough estimate, I think to go sub-8, you’d need to be in the mid 4s W/kg.

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The winners will come it at about 6:30 (based on 2019 times).

I’m hoping to average 14mph - which this year has been doable for me for 5-7hr rides on similar terrain to the course. I think that would be at about 150W for me at an IF of about 0.65. 160lbs.

I could be way off on this, as I haven’t ridden the full course in one go before, and I don’t have a power meter on my bike.

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I have always liked Bottas since I started watching F1, but he is now my favorite racer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t fan boy over much these days, but riding with him in a bike race would be pretty cool.


Don’t forget to altitude adjust down the watts you can hold.

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The air is clear :sunglasses:

Was a little hazy yesterday evening, but made for a spectacular sunset.



Then for most of the course you will probably get a slight bump in your FTP compared to what it is at 8,100 ft.

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I wasn’t clear above when I said mid 4s W/kg for sub 8. I should’ve clarified that was for sea level. For you at 8100ft, I’d say 4 or high 3s could do it.

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Hope everyone made it to SBT safely!

We got in today. Walked the Expo a bit - ran across Valteri Bottas. Had our pre-race pizza and ice cream and are ready to go.

Good luck tomorrow!


Good luck to all racing across all the different courses…hoping to snag a spot next year.


Where can I find live results?

I’m having an error here: SBT GRVL | Gravel Race Home

What error? That links works for me in Safari.

Maybe because I’m from Europe?


Here’s what I see:

Do they have live results like leadvile had yesterday?

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Have you tried seeing if OutsideTV website works? The SBT Gravel site video is just an embed from OutsideTV.

Yes and also doesn’t working and I cannot find outside tv app on the app store, probably because I’m from EU…

Chatted him up in the line after the race. Super nice dude!

He passed me on a descent like I was standing still. I was not standing still!

I finished 10 minutes faster than my goal time - this is only race number four but the best race weekend of my life :muscle::rofl:

Eta: and chatted with Laura Cameron King. Ultra Fangirl Mode unlocked :sunglasses:


Is anyone getting the pre-show that was supposed to start @ 2:00 Eastern? I just have a bunch of commercials.

ETA - OK, live coverage started as scheduled, so….:man_shrugging: