Saris H3 Discussion/Issues

I mentioned above about my H3 losing electricity power even though the brick by the wall socket has its green light on. I keep the H3 in the garage which is unheated. Is it at all possible that the cold weather is having an effect on my turbo???

Have you tried what we said about the pins inside the turbo jack?

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I’ve tried what I could without opening the turbo itself. The store has now advised me to buy a replacement power adapter and theyll reimburse me. Let’s see. No word from saris yet… but at least a good response from the store (in London, UK)

Has the side in the machine come loose then?
Did you pry apart the pins (from the outside, no need to open the turbo)

The receiving end of the power in the turbo has always seemed too big for the power adapter. I could only see one pin sticking out which I nudged a bit. The turbo lost power again on Monday night and then yesterday would not power up at all. However, the new adapter arrived today and although it is also not as ‘tight’ a fit into the turbo as I would expect, it is delivering power. The guy in the store said that the new transformer I bought is the one that is now shipped with newer H3s. This is the link to it, if anyone else is interested. Note that I won’t trust that its fixed until a few longer sessions of more than 1 hour.

If that ‘pin’ in your saris looks like 1 pin the 2 pins have been pushed together.
Look really closely and you will see it’s two pins, gently use a very small flat screwdriver to move them apart.


One thing I haven’t seen discussed here:

Does anyone else have an issue where their Hammer (I’ve got an H2) feels like the trainer isn’t level. Obviously the little extensions on the end of the “legs” on the trainer are adjustable. But when they’re both screwed in evenly, both bikes I’ve used feel like they’re leaning off to the right. If I screw the right-hand extension out about an inch, it still feels like I’m leaning off to the right a bit.

It’s only when I screw the right-hand extension out significantly more than the left, and then put a 1/2 thick book under the right hand leg that the trainer feels “level”.

Is it just me, just this unit, or has anyone else encountered this?

I don’t have to put a book under mine but my drive side foot is extended further than the other. The bike sits more towards the drive side on the trainer, not in the middle

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I sometimes wonder if I bend trainer legs. I do the same, with a block of wood, due to where I put my trainer. But if i put a block of wood under, that would mean the trainer body has to tilt off the floor, because the floor is not level itself. It still seems to fold up though, so I don’t know.

Mine is relatively stable when out of the saddle, etc… but if I grab the bike and push to one side or the other, it’s noticeably more stable towards the non-drive side than the drive side. If I stick a paperback under the drive side it seems to find an equilibrium.

Funny, you mention a block of wood: when I’ve set up my 29er trail bike to ride it on the hammer, I had to stick a 2x4 under the legs to lift the rear up in relation to the front end, otherwise was like a climbing simulator (given the higher axle height on the MTB vs road bike).