Saddle-mounted hydration for Infinity seats

Thinking about a Steel-rail Infinity seat - either E1X or E3 - for my proposed Domane+ SLR7 (e-assist needed to keep up with group rides to keep heart specialist/wife happy).

One bottle cage likely to be taken up with range-extender battery (to overcome ‘range anxiety’ on hilly rides over 80km/50miles).

XLAB do not list the Infinity seats on their compatability charts.

I would appreciate guidance - especially from anyone using Infinity seats and has tried saddle-mounted hydration system.

Its pretty common in triathlon to do the seat mount. I’ve owned various versions over the years.

The easiest solution, works very well, get a Xlab gorilla cage or a similar super grippy cage otherwise it will launch bottles. Zip tie it to your saddle rails, done.

I know zip ties are a bit janky, but you can hide them, it will do 99.99 % of anything you purchase, are light weight, and easily replaceable.

Just make sure to get a gorilla cage otherwise (and it doesn’t matter which seat mount you use) it will launch bottles at every bump.


MikeMckinney - Thanks for the suggestion - I had not thought of simply using zip ties (creative)! Thanks also for confirmation that ‘gorilla cage(s)’ are the best - I will be sure to place an order for them.

Ideally I was looking for something that would also be able to hold spare tube, CO2 inflation tubes, and day-trip tools (tire levers, multi-tool etc) and even two bottles now that summer temperatures seem to be warming up.

You could try the XLab mount that’s designed for the Selle SMP saddles. The Infinity saddle seems to have a similar shape.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I will make enquiries but my understanding is that it is not the shape of saddle that matters.
I think it is the shape/alignment of the saddle rails that matters.

I have followed up with X-LAB, they seem to think that their ‘TURBO WING’ will likely work well with the Infinity seat.