Rubber flaking off tyre?

Some rubber flaking off tyre. Just curious if it’s normal enough ?

Yep. I should probably clean up mine, but the pile isn’t big enough to interfere with the trainer yet. :slight_smile:

Yup, my rear tyre does have some rubber flaking. It is fine with me though as I use a cheap ass tyre and the bike never comes off the trainer. I might invest in a trainer specific tyre though as the rubber is very fine and it does make a little bit of a mess…

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I got experience with this, after a couple of years on a trainer, trying different combinations.

What works best for me, with no visible tyre wear and no flaking whatsoever, is a Continental Ultra Sport II 25mm, 120 PSI, and a lot of roller pressure (no squeaking/slipping). I use my trainer for about 5 hours a week with a lot of work above 300 W.

After a ride outside, I wipe the tyre with a damp cloth and inflate it to 120 PSI. That’s it. Other tyres (harder compound), lower PSI or less roller pressure, has ruined tyres in no time, leaving rubber flakes and dust everywhere.

A 13 euro tyre lasts me more than a year with a lot of indoor and outdoor cycling. I can’t complain and see no reason to look at direct drive trainers.

If the mess bothers you, a dedicated trainer tire will keep your floor clean and last just about forever. I’ve had good luck with the Continental HomeTrainer and Tacx trainer tires.

Just checked my tyre - it’s nearly through to the inner tube in places. I wondered about the weird noise it was making, now I know :rofl:

Resurrecting a dead thread here (thanks @hugo1 for the tire recommendation). All that rubber flaking off, for me it’s warm/hot and seems to have sealed itself to the floor by the time a workout is done. Anyone have experience cleaning this off without making it worse?