Rolling Resistance Data for Track Tubulars?

Does anyone know of any data that exists for track specific tyres such as the Conti Sonderklass(sp?), Vittoria Pista Oro, FMB Super Pista etc? Not exactly cheap purchases - so don’t fancy building that database myself. :-).

I know there is data for the Veloflex record open, and a few of the crossover tyres that get used on the roads in time trials - but never seen any for the competition track tyres.

I’m not aware of any such data, but I did submit a few outdoor track tubulars as suggestions to BicycleRollingResistance. If you’re a subscriber, vote for 'em to be tested!

Generally I’ve assumed that the Contis are slow as heck, since getting latex-tubed versions is nigh impossible.

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Thanks! Voted for the ones I could find. Also added a FMB Super Pista to the list.

Bicycle tire rolling resistance tested some tubs.
I would look for tubulars with latex innertubes.
Obviously that makes a difference.
Vittoria and Challenge.

Yeah, I’m more interested in silk vs cotton, or something like the veloflex record vs a Vitoria Pista Oro which is what a lot of teams are using in Olympic pursuit bikes.

Saying that seen a lot of the pink dugasts at the euro track champs this week, they do stand out!