Road Bike fit, transfering to mountain and CX Bikes

Hi Team!

If this has already been asked, please send me in the right direction! and im sorry!

Otherwise here is my Q!

I know the guys and girls talk on the pod cast about mainting knee, and saddle postitions etc accorss their different bikes.

Just wanted to see how to put this in practice.

My Road bike has 172.5 cranks, where as my mtb and cross bike has 175mm.

Whats the best way to set all these bikes up?

Most professional fitters have a discount for multiple bikes

Hi @alexstenerson,

I have got professional fits on all 3.

However i spend most of time on the road (90%) and when i jump on the postions are really different (feels a lot more quad dominate/lower)

And i know the team talks alot about keeping them the same as there road bikes… so there is a less of a change when i do jump over to cross etc.

@partypete, without going into the whys and wherefores regarding professional bike fits, I’d suggest the old tried and tested method of positioning using feel and a couple of allen keys. I expect you’re happy with the road bike position. I’d use this as a reference point and make micro adjustments on the MTB moving the saddle up and down, then forward and back until the ride position feels the same as the road bike. Whilst this method isn’t scientific as taking videos and measuring angles, the way your feel riding the bikes is ultimately what you’re looking for.