Riding position

Hi… just started doing TT racing… would like to know how’s my position… how can I improve it… all feedback and advice welcome… thanks guys. Pic taken without my knowledge so this is my natural position… cheers

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From this POV it looks pretty good. :+1:

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I would agree that it looks pretty solid. I’m wondering if maybe a longer tail helmet might be a better fit for you.

Also getting an aerojacket wheel cover for the rear wheel is a fairly cheap way to pick up a few more seconds.

It’s useful to see a front on picture as well.
The side-on picture looks reasonable. You could maybe do with getting your head up a bit more meaning there’s less of a gap between the back of your helmet and your back. That would definitely be needed if you get a long tail. Also, practise shrugging! :wink:
Ultimately, the only way to be sure you will go faster is to do some testing - you can do it yourself with the Chung method (check out https://forum.slowtwitch.com/forum/Slowtwitch_Forums_C1/Triathlon_Forum_F1/Platypus_Thread:_Aero_Virtual_Elevation_Testing_Protocol_P3536905/ ) or get paid help…

Cheers for the feedback guy… I have got access to a bell javelin helmet… might try that out next time… here is a more frontal shot… think I’m look pretty dam wide… could probably try to narrow my frontal area… what do you think… cheers.

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From this POV it looks pretty good. :+1:

Still looks pretty good. Not sure you can get much more narrow without extending arms unnaturally.

Maybe…maybe you can try to close the small gap between hands and chin to better hide your chest and hips from the wind. You can do this by either raising hands, tilting aero bars up a bit (Landis’ praying mantis position), or, lowering your chin/head down with better flexibility and/or lower stem angle, but that might compromise power (closing hips). Experimentation will provide clues as to what works best for you.

Of course, keeping weight down and staying thin throughout arms and upper body is also helpful.

Thanks for your advice… will try your suggested tweeks… cheers.