Replacing ageing helmets


I’m thinking of replacing my helmet and saw this thread. It lead me to think I NEED MIPS or some sort of slide plate now.
This article was pretty informative on why you “probably” don’t (web site seems legit, and article seemed honest, and sorry if I just kicked a giant hornets nest)

I wonder if Snopes has an article? I’d say plausible. :slight_smile:

Honestly, I think manufacturers make a big deal out of a lot of things that might make a 1% difference.

Think of this - your scalp acts like it’s own slip plane MIPS liner. Your hair, if you have it, also acts like a MIPS liner. It’s not like helmets are locked solidly on the head. They will naturally move and provide a slip plane.

You also wonder whether helmets are designed to provide the best possible protection or to score the best on a certain test. MIPS helmets score well on the Virginia Tech test because they prioritize the slip plane but there are still lots of 5 star helmets on their list that aren’t MIPS or Wavecell.

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My latest helmet is MIPS (I don’t intend to crash test that) I have crash tested a few KASKs in the past though which do not MIPS and touchwood its they’ve performed well. On my limited experience you don’t need MIP (no harm in it though) :upside_down_face:

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