Replace Chaindrive with Beltdrive

Has anyone experience with replacing the chain drive with a belt drive on a trainer bike? I use a Tacx Flow Smart and while it is not too loud, I still think the noise could be less. Also the drivetrain of my bike is starting to make funny noises. There are solutions to put a single rear cog on shimano freehubs and also “open” belts that can be used with normal bike frames. I know it will cost around 400$/350 EUR from Veer, so nearly the cost for going from a cheap wheel-on trainer to a mid-range wheel-off trainer.

The main advantage would be silent operation and no maintenance.
Disadvantages: no gearing. the reduced efficiency is no problem as I use Assiomas and Powermatch.

I think you could even use the belt drive on a wheel-off trainer like Kickr.

Opinions and experiences would be much appreciated.
PS: I only use TR to train.

Not really your question, but my drivetrain is nearly silent with a fresh waxed chain. I think most of the noise comes from the trainer and wheel-to-trainer contact, and changing the drivetrain won’t help much. You’d be better off investing into a better, quieter trainer.

Maybe sell your trainer and use the money to get a more quiet system?
I know wheel-on trainer can be loud.
I have an Elite TUO and its is mostly silent…can really complain…
and if it get noisy its because the chain need some lube!