Rendering HR TSS Estimate on iPad unusable


Can’t use this :frowning:

Hey! Can you try setting up this feature on the web by going to
Profile > eTSS?

I’m looking into this window resizing issue and if it’s browser specific for the iPad? I’ll report back!

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I thought it was already set up some time ago:

Update is sort of greyed out

I gotchu!

First: that resizing window issue has been noted to the team to address on the web app. Thanks for bringing this up!

Second: 'Update Estimation’ isn’t available to click because it’s already displaying your current selection. (ie, you already have 183 as max, and to ‘decide per ride’ when you want to use TSS Estimation enabled).

If you need to edit your max HR, you can change that number and ‘Update Estimation’, while keeping ‘decide per ride’.

Otherwise, keeping your current max HR but changing the selection to ‘All past and future rides’ or ‘Future rides only’ will enable you to click ‘Update Estimation’.

Let me know if you have any trouble with that!

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