Recording outdoor rides and how they impact AT/AI FTP


So up to now, any outdoor rides I’ve done have simply been recorded as a “ride” with a duration and an effort level. This is mainly because my outdoor riding is unstructured mtb with no power meter.

I’ve started doing a few more Z2 type road/gravel rides where the effort is more controllable (still without power) so I’ve recorded them as an outside workout using a workout that closely replicates the RPE of the ride (and duration of course). Here are two such examples:

So my question is, what does TR do with this information? I noticed the first time that I did this that TR did lift my PL to match the outdoor workout. Is that the extent of it or does it do more with the AT/AI FTP?

As such, would it always be better to log outdoor rides as workouts (assuming they are comparable)?

For me, this is the best way of doing my endurance rides and the trainer is too uncomfortable and too boring to do more than 60 mins on a proper TR workout.

I know there is a roadmap for the outdoor stuff but what is the app doing at the moment and what’s the best strategy to accurately input these rides?

Thanks (and apologies if this has been covered recently).