Recommendations for a < $3,000 full suspension mountain bike

I’m researching options for a sub $3,000 mountain bike.

Here’s a list:

I’m sure there are lots of good options not on that list.

Wondering if anyone has recommendations, thoughts, suggestions. Looking for something confidence inspiring on the descents that isn’t stupid slow going uphill. Focus on the former though. Thanks!

Maybe these? I have a road bike on order from them but don’t have it yet. Lots of positive reviews about their products, though.

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Have you looked at availability? I’m guessing that will severely limit your options.

Not that much. Just starting on the process. Was hoping to get an idea of what were some good options and then go from there.

Couple of the usual suspects:


I would get a used bike!
The buy/sell section on Pinkbike is excellent! Don’t forget to negotiate on price! Good luck!

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Used could be a good way to go. MTBs can be a bit tough as the dirt makes things wear faster and suspension maintenance can be hard to judge.

At that price point I would try to get something with Shimano drivetrain if you can. Deore/slx is generally much better regarded than sx/nx. GX and up is well regarded though.


That’s true. But I wouldn’t be worried at all with a 1-3 year old used bikes. Bikes are generally pretty sturdy, and spare parts aren’t all that expensive. Suspension needs servicing 1 to 2 times a year, whether you buy it brand new or used.

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I know that its is on the list that you posted, but I got my partner a Polygon Sisku T8. Pricing and availability were large drivers for this choice. Granted it is way too small for me to actually get a ride feel, but the build quality and component spec are really nice for the price. The experience with bikesonline was just fine. The upgrades on the fork/shock and brakes might help with the descending confidence you desire.

If you have a current bike, I would spend the whole/most $3k on a frame and switch the parts over to the new frame and upgrade those as you can afford it. A $3k full suspension bike will have low end parts anyway. That’s how I do it.

What type of bike are you looking for? XC? Trail? Etc…

Not my add, but just as an example. Size medium, Specialized Epic 2020, carbon frame. Asking 2,750$