Race numbers? Do you keep them, yes, no why?

I am interested in hearing what people do with the race’s numbers?

I keep them. Reminds me that What I have acomplished so far and that I doing some that makes me happy

I keep a select few. There are a couple races I do every year and I write my times on the back and stick them on my bulletin board in my pain cave.
Our state series supplies hard number cards that you keep at year’s end. I write my overall and age group placement on them and keep them as well.
I’ve kept a couple cx race #'s too, but generally only from races I’ve won.
Race numbers serve as a reminder of the work I’ve done and how far I’ve come, and sometimes how far I still have to go. I’ll have to post a pic later.

I might still have the one from my first 70.3. That’d be it. I don’t even keep all my finisher or placing medals. I keep the wins, though. I like to donate to Medals4Mettle. Back in the day I kept more, and I think I’d keep a Kona number, but that’s probably it these days.

My first real year of racing was last year ( I did one race the year prior) I keep 'em all. If I ever win a race, I might consider only keeping the winners :stuck_out_tongue:

I do sort of, my friend that introduced me to racing did, so I started. Now the are just a mess all hanging on few pegs above the garage work bench with the most recent ones not making it that far. They will get tossed at some point.

I keep them. And ever since @chad mentioned it on a podcast I write my time, place, and the things I got right and the things I can learn from on the back too.


I keep them and write my placement on the back. My husband asked that I keep them. He said he was going to do something with them. He also photographs all my races so we will see what his plans are!

From sportives, yes. If it’s a British Cycling sanctioned race you have to hand them back to get your license returned.

Yep. Here in UK for nearly all races (road, TT, cx) you need to hand number back after race.

I’ve kept a select few that mean something to me - Kona, the two from the races I’ve qualified for it and one from a 70.3 WC. I’ve also got one from a local race of no real significance where everything that could go wrong probably did but I still kept going and got a reasonable but unspectacular finish. That one just reminds me of the value of never giving up and that successful races come in different forms from just placings.

They are not things that have come easily or quickly for me and sometimes just a quick glance while in a hard interval on the trainer or treadmill can remind me that without that work those things don’t happen.

thanks for the tip … I keep them all, plasticize and hang them in my cave but I’ve never written anything above: the suggestion to write time, place and, above all, things went well and those gone wrong, from which to learn, is great!

My father in law has been a marathon runner for years (missed maybe 2-3 London marathons since it first started) and he keeps pretty much all of his race numbers. A couple of walls in his ‘office’ at home are covered and for Christmas we got one of his favourites made into a set of 4 coasters.

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I keep all of mine and right now I just have pinned together hanging in my garage where my bike stand and other bike stuff is.

I plan on making some sorta of collage. Just getting a large piece of cardboard and using spray adhesive to just randomly putting them on there. The hanging that where I ride my trainer to remind me why I am on the trainer not that I need it but maybe will one day if my motivation is not where it needs to be lol

Keep them and write my placing on them. They go up on the wall in the garage along with my podium plaques/medals. It’s a nice reminder of the work I’ve put in, keeps my goals present (walk by it several times a day) and looks better than bare garage walls.

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In the trash as soon as I take them off the jersey. Don’t know what I’d do with them (particularly those that I glue on)

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Usually in the trash. I think I have a few around though, but not on purpose. I have kept one though. From my favorite mtb marathon race in my town. Had done fairly well in the past and welcomed the race. I had better expectations for it and straight up destroyed myself, over paced, had a horrible time, and then sold my xc race bike a couple of weeks later. I kept it. This was two years ago. I avoided it last year by doing a three-day stage race and didn’t think two days recovery would enough time.
I will be doing it this year.

This is a cool idea.

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I keep the numbers from races I win. The rest go to the trash.

I kept the first fondo number I rode, since it was for charity for a friend who had cancer. I also kept my Leadville number, but I’ll replace that one eventually.

Otherwise, no, I don’t keep them.