Question on CycleOps Smart Trainer M2

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a Cycleops M2 Smart Trainer and I have a question related to the setup of the device. As stated in the manual to tighten the roller against the tire, I turn the resistance unit knob until it clicks. The issue is that feels that it presses the tire too much against the roller. Im not sure if this is the way its supposed to be. The tire is a special cycleop model built for indoor practicing and it has the right pressure. Any ideas or feelings after seeing the pics i attach to this topic? thanks very much in advance!!

I have the same trainer and I run the turbo wheel at ~100psi and it does deform the tyre like that (maybe not quite as much).

I’ll take a photo after my session tonight.

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  1. Make certain to set tire pressure at or just below the tire pressure max rating.
  2. Then apply the roller tension until the knob click.
    • Make ABSOLUTELY certain you are only TWISTING the knob and not PUSHING it. Any pushing force will increase the force required prior to the clicking.
    • It is a flaw of the design that user force can alter the click release force. So, keep that in mind.

When you follow these above steps, you should be good.

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Thanks guys. I really appreciate your help. I will have a look at tyre pressure and knob setup again this weekend. Thanks again for the quick replies.

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Many people don’t do this, I think.

I always pump to max (120 psi), clean the tyre and roller with rubbing alcohol, tighten the roller until it no longer skids when I jerk the wheel back and forth with my hand. There’s hardly any wear on the tyre this way. Also, having softer/stickier rubber is important, whether it’s a special indoor trainer tyre or just a totally slick and grippy race tyre (Continental Ultra sport 2 works).

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Hi I ve got exactly the same problem…
I can’t turn the wheel when I tight the knob until the click.
Did you fix that problem?

My tire also deforms more than I think it should. I don’t push the knob, only twist it. I can turn my wheel around but there is a lot of resistance.

I had previously Tacx Flow wheel trainer. On Tacx one had to turn the screw 3.5 turns after roller is touching the tire. Judging from picture the tire deformation is way too much.

I had the same problem and the trainer was eating through tires and inner tubes when I followed the recommended procedure. I decided to tighten the screw as little as necessary and it seems to be working OK. I do not notice any slippage and have not experienced any more flat tires.

Different problem: the trainer is going dead several times every hour. The light goes off and it does not transmit data to the computer and head unit. Sometimes it comes back after 30 seconds; other times I have to unplug & re-connect the power.
Any suggestions?