Psoas injury that will not go away

I’ve had pain across the front crease my left hip for 2 years now. Same story, did some damage on an A ride and then sat in a chair for two years during covid. I had an MRI which found 1/4 of my labrum (top, front) is torn + FAI.

3 things really improved my pain:

  1. Daily hip flexor stretches
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Kneeling chair

I still get manageable pain, but am riding every day at my pre-incident FTP.

Good luck!

total shot in the dark here, but are you doing pigeon pose? personally has helped immensely with lower back locking up, as well as CBD. I know, i thought it was snake oil also, but try it! been a game changer as I’ve gotten older

If a saddle is too high the calf will struggle to turn off. Look at that and cleat position. Moving the cleat back on the shoe reduces the lever effect… Know that moving the cleat back also effectively is raising the saddle a tiny bit. These things helped me along with stretching and strength work. Good luck happy cycling!

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