PowerMatch Experiences

Cheers. I tried it on Mary Austin -1 today with the advance setting slider set at 1 and it seemed to be a bit better, though there was a slight lag at the start of some of the intervals after the recovery periods.

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I’ve had more than one kickr and haven’t found the power to be out of line with my power meters. There are known issues with overheating, but generally it’s been within the margin of error. I have noticed that I can see drivetrain losses, recently lubricated my chain and gained 7 watts… the pm and the kickr power are back in line. Bike has been on the trainer too long me thinks.

Hi everyone, I just ordered the Assioma Duo pedals, and was wondering how well the powermatch works with the Tacx Flow Smart (or the Vortex, which is almost identical)?

I ordered the assiomas to get more accurate power numbers on my indoor and outdoor workouts, but reading some comments in this thread, now I’m afraid the indoor workout experience might not be very good.

I have the Garmin Vector 3 single side and use them with a Tacx Flow Smart. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but in general it works well. The power fluctuates a lot more than when using just the Tacx, but from what I have read, this is a better reflection of reality. Tacx on its own shows a higher W than with the powermeter as well.

VO2 max intervals require some help from shifting gears to get sufficient resistence, and often I have to shfit down to my lowest gear to get sufficiently low resistance for the recovery intervals. I figured it was likely to be down to using a low end smart trainer rather than software, but haven’t been able to try the new Power Match to be able to tell how much of an improvement it makes.


Hi there, is the TrainerRoad Team still collecting data from the ride reports? I have been submitting my feedback and am happy to continue doing so as long as it’s still helpful for refining the ERG mode PowerMatch. I feel that my experiences with PM have significantly improved over time and I am looking forward to future tweaks that will make it even better! Thanks for all the hard work that’s gone into this.

Thanks for submitting your reports! No need to continue if things are working well. If you do end up having issues you’d like help with, support is the best place to go. They will be able to diagnose and resolve PowerMatch or device problems at an individual level much better.

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