Power Banks that work with Exposure Lights

Once you enter the DIY space, pretty much anything is possible! I’m sure you could find a solution to integrate the USB power bank functionality (5v) into the “support cell” housing to have a clean unit.

Looks like there are companies that make charger/USB power bank devices that would work with the 18650 cells. Charge the cells and use them in your light when you need them, charge your GPS via USB when you need it!

I could take some photos of my battery setups if you are interested. They aren’t consumer-level polished, but they work and that is most important to me!

That looks cool! A great expandable solution, it’s a shame it doesn’t seem to support PD charging otherwise I’d be looking to get one. I love the idea of an expandable battery solution depending on the situation. I wonder if that can charge the exposure lights.

I ended up taking the following two for the GBDuro:

Zendure was my backup so I knew I’d have 10k mAh spare if I crashed or broke my bike or something and got stranded in the middle of nowhere. I never used it and probably could have gotten away with something half the size, but I’d also happily rely on this for an Audax or something similar as my only powerbank.

Baseus caused a world of pain. It charged my devices just like it had in testing without fail, but charging the powerbank itself was the problem. After about 2 days it would only charge when plugged into a USB-A charger via my Wahoo’s USB A to C charge cable, which meant it was limited to charging at 18w (or less?). The whole point of relying on this unit was to be able to charge at 65w (or 57w as-measured).

To make matters worse, if I plugged anything else into my Ugreen wall charger at the same time as my Baseus powerbank, the powerbank reset itself every 5-10 seconds which meant the charger renegotiated wattage with all connected devices and none of them ever ended up charging. So I had to charge the powerbank all by itself at 12-18w either before or after recharging all my other devices, which made everything take longer. And the trial-and-error of testing to find out what device or combination of devices were the source of the problem ate up loads of valuable charging time too.

About halfway through the race I bought one of the Apple USB-C iPhone chargers with the folding plug tip so I could at least charge one other device at the same time as the powerbank. Unfortunately I couldn’t connect the powerbank to the Apple plug charger as the Baseus wouldn’t take a charge over USB-C to C.

As soon as I got back I raised a support ticket with Baseus and basically told them I want nothing to do with their product and they should take it back and give me a refund. I haven’t even received a response and it’s been 3+ weeks.

A shame to have that happen with such a promising product, but based on that experience I don’t think I could ever trust anything from Baseus during a race again. Serves me right for running something from an unknown brand. But now none of the rest of you can say you didn’t know!

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Just a quick post to thank the thread for the heads up. My power banks didn’t work with the exposure USB cable, but they did work with a USB-C to USB-A adaptor, which I then connected to said cable. I’d have been screwed without that!

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That’s amazing. Could you share more info / pictures of your setup?

I used an INUI 20000 mAh for LEL last year on an Exposure Race in-line charging while riding and using and worked fine! It is a really old light so maybe is missing some smarts that newer ones have…