Power all over the place in ERG


Sorry for my bad english.

This evening I did Raymond -1. I use a Wahoo Kickr V5. First two sets were spot on. Power consistent. Right before the thirs set something strange happened. I experienced multiple drop outs. But the «drop outs» were consistent. Almost like micro bursts. Is this a trainer issue or something wrong with the workout? Anyone else experieced the same?

Alexander from Norway

Did you open another app or trainer controlling device around that time?

If 2 apps/devices are connected to the trainer, the can fight for control of the trainer and it looks like a yo-yo or tug of war like your graph shows.

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I use Zwift at the same time, but with TR controlling the power. Have done this the last two months without problems. Can try the same workout next week with TR only.

Ok, problem solved. It turned out my four year old son opened the TR app on his/my iPad at the same time. Thanks!


Good deal!