📣 Polarized Plan Updates! 📣

@Jonathan , I have a triathlon plan via plan builder that I bult. How can I swap in a polarized plan into one of the phases of that plan? I realize I would lose the swim/run portions when doing that, but can’t see a way to do it via the suggestion above of clicking in the calendar header in the top left.


Use the “How to Change an Individual Training Block’s Volume” section of the link below


Yep, tried that before posting the question. Can’t change out of a tri plan, actually can’t change out of a half or full plan (like to an OLY or sprint). Looks like it’s locked into those two plans and their available volume levels.

May be best if you email support@trainerroad.com for a direct review and reply then.

Really good changes and I’ll be doing a polarised plan next.

One thing that would be helpful is to be able to select maximum length workouts for the high intensity week sessions - reason being that while I can manage 1.5 hour endurance in the evenings, high intensity in the evenings completely ruins sleep. I’m sure I’m not along in this regard.

Setting max time limits is a long running feature request:


no you’re not, me too.

I’d rather train early morning, but life hasn’t been fully in agreement with that. I’m glad I can do them at least.


I’ve started on the Polarized Base MV, and will complete three weeks tomorrow.

I must say that I find Pol base a little easier to handle relative to the SSB MV that I have done several times in the past.

The DQ : when I finish this six week Polarized Base Block do I have repeat it once again to get 12 weeks as I would have if I were doing say SSB or Trad Base ?

EDIT :Fixed it for a new plan which I made using Plan Builder


Just about to finish up 3rd week of Pol Build MV. Since this is a 8 week cycle should I just continue increasing Progressions or Force a AI FTP at end of week 4.


I will be at Threshold 4.1 after this week.

Also when does Adaptive calibrate week 5 compared to current Progression.

IMO, a FTP update every 4 weeks is about twice as often as it should be. I’m curious to hear what the TR folks say, but I’m a fan of finishing out a block (or 2 blocks or 3 blocks) before updating FTP. Otherwise you end just repeating low PL workouts (lots of 4x5’ at threshold instead of progressing to 2x20’).


Since their program gives you a new AI FTP every 28 days, I feel like they have already spoken

(I only change my FTP when it’s a significant change, btw. I’m not going to go manually update 7 zones in multiple apps just because my FTP went up 3 watts)


That is where my question comes in though since the Pol Build doesn’t have a Ramp Test at week 5 in the layout.

I come from a background where you grind out doing the same movements over and over again to achieve results, I don’t need flavour. So the idea of doing the same workout once every 4 weeks doesn’t actually bother me at all. Not to mention that the endurance rides aren’t too different anyway.

I would agree with this statement. I did the MV polarized plan last winter and it worked very well, but my threshold never made it much past 4.x. I did the AI FTP detection basically every 4 weeks, or after each initial block and it kept upping my FTP (yay), but lowering my PL. So essentially my PLs just stayed the same all winter and I never expanded my time in zone.

Come summer time I had great endurance, and could hit 3-5 min efforts over and over again. However I struggled sometimes when the group rides would hit hills or sections when people got out of hand and just went full gas for 30 mins.

I think a great idea would be to not do the AI FTP as often. Maybe every 6-12 weeks in base, and every 6-8 in build? Or something like that…


I guess I don’t understand what you’re asking. Your plan doesn’t have a Ramp Test, but after 30 days, you’re going to get the pop up asking if you want to do AI FTP. In the future, I don’t think we’ll ever see a scheduled test.

Only you can decide if you hit that button or not. If it helps, I usually hit it out of curiosity, see that it’s a minor bump, and ignore it.

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I normally update my ftp at the start of base and the beginning of build. That’s about 12 weeks apart and finally update my ftp at specialty which is 8 weeks apart from updating before build. I no longer get newbie gains and unless it’s a 5 watt ± difference I won’t change it.
It’s all personal but building PLs I think is better in the long run, TTE.


If you go into the plans separately. I didn’t use plan builder this time because I am seeing how I like Pol plans and so far they fit me really well from a scheduling stand point.

Here is the link to the “standard” Layout before any AI modifications.

Polarized Build Mid Volume

You will see on week 5 there is no ramp. Which goes against your comment of TR giving their opinion of setting AI FTP updates to 28 days.

I also just noticed that I would likely have failed the first week VO2Max if I had to start at PL 7.1

I personally am a little excited by the idea of getting my VO2Max PL close to 9 by the end of 8 weeks.

You’re confusing testing with the AI FTP. Every 28 days, you have the option of doing an AI FTP. It won’t assign a Ramp Test. It will just tell you AI FTP is available and ask if you want to run it. Here’s their official release info: https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/articles/8697549554587?_gl=1*4rvt67*_ga*MTIwOTM0MjY5Ni4xNjY1MDA0NDg5*_ga_RDZWWKPE5E*MTY5ODk0OTMzOC4xNzQuMS4xNjk4OTQ5MzYxLjAuMC4w

Which such a small change is just noise anyway. Totally with you.

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In total agreement, generally it makes little sense to update so often, even every 12 weeks is pushing it unless back from a break, injury, off season, newbie, but if training consistently in mid base or build micromanaging ftp changes is determental imo. Actually micromanaging FTP is never worth it.


Yeah but @tfilteau question is still valid, you don’t have to use AIFTP once it becomes available.