Planning Training: Leaving TrainingPeaks for TrainerRoad

Has anyone abandoned TrainingPeaks and gone all in with TrainerRoad? How do they compare? Did anyone feel they lost out in the transition? How does the calendar etc match up?

I have used TP since Nov 2017 and have really enjoyed it - Over this time I have done two long course triathlons amongst other smaller races and found the planning and metrics really helpful. I have used TR since Nov 2018 and found the training plans fantastic.

However, with a fifteen week old baby long course triathlons are on the backburner for the foreseeable and it’s a case of trying to keep fit and focus on running for a while and using TR workouts to maintain some bike fitness. My TP subscription renewal is coming up, and even with a Cyber Monday discount I’m wondering if it is worthwhile…

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Cheers, don’t know how I missed this seeing as it has comments from a few days ago…

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