Plan Improvements: Short, General, and Sustained Build!

a) it was a facetious rhetorical question;
b) I’d die from boredom if I ever went as slow as a runner! :scream:


Yeah I thought San Joaquin +4 was a bit hard :crazy_face: glad it’s been reduced

Modifications to the workouts may allow more people to complete the workouts, but what I would prefer to see is more flexibility within the software program. For example, if I’m doing my workouts outside, some days I can do a few more watts, whereas other days I can’t do as many. It would be good to be able to dial up or dial down the watts during a TrainerRoad workout. Another suggestion would be to allow people to extend the rest interval if they need to.

That feature already exists. Use the “Intensity” control at.yhe bottom of the app. It defaults to 100%, and you can increase or decrease in 1% increments.

It pushes the target power up or down based on the current target power and multiplies but the Intensity setting.

Thanks, good to know. I’ll give that a try!

This is an open feature request. For now, best to use the Pause function when necessary.

Just going to put a prediction out there: I think San Joaquin +3 will have a high failure rate too - mostly around the second group of 5.

I’m slightly surprised that Ansel Adams +4 (the equivalent workout from medium volume) hasn’t been adjusted, too. Quite a lot of riders bailing on that one.

Obviously @chad wants Week 7 Tuesdays to be the hardest day!

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Having read this it’s a step ahead of any other training platform out there. Some coaches and companies would just throw out a program and leave it out there. To actually use live data to improve the sessions is top class.

Based on this il be changing my short power build (due to start Tuesday) to the new build block.

@Nate_Pearson the same issue of wrongly linked plans now appears when you click on Half Distance Base HV, it shows Full distance base HV

I was waiting for Spanish Needle for more that year, and finally I did it three weeks ago and felt such great satisfaction :smile: I don’t see a point of reducing intensity of trainings if they’re doable. Yesterday I also did Junction, it was hard but I’m very happy that I did it before plan was made easier.

Thanks very much for all this analysis that is improving our training plans. It is a very impressive use of big data.

I have a quick question and this may not be the right forum. I go to the gym sometimes in the Winter and I can’t see how to record this in the Calendar. Definitely there is some contribution to training stress, and I would not do one of your demanding workouts the next day.

I could add the 20min cycle there and back at top Power, but that seems a bit rough and ready.

Any suggestions?

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I believe that you should use the “other activity” tool.

You can enter your strength training and make a TSS estimate, that will add for your week.

I just completed the “new” Spanish needle yesterday. Tough but doable but with my trainer (Tacx Vortex) the ramp up and down doesn’t respond quickly enough for such short intervals. It would take 6-7s to ramp the 200 or so watts. It never reached the bottom recovery level so I was going between 135 <-> 344 instead of 98 <-> 344 using erg mode. I could adjusted gears or cadence to hit the low end as I must have been hitting the trainer’s power floor with the gear I was using, but the timing is just too short for that many intervals to be messing around so much.

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I would switch to “slope” mode (instead of ERG) and just shift when you do short intervals like these. ERG trainers don’t usually nail these types of intervals.

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Thought of it, but admittedly was too lazy to figure out what resistance level and cadences I would need to match the workout. Last time i tried it, it was a big mess.

@Nate_Pearson, Standard mode (formerly Slope) seems to default to a setting of 3/9, which is nice to have resistance as soon as this mode is activated.

Resistance mode defaults to 0%, which I don’t like. Any chance we can get this default set to something between 20-30%, so we have some resistance when it’s activated?

I can make a specific Feature Request if needed.

THis is an awesome post. Thanks for the peek behind the curtain @Nate_Pearson.

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Yes, good idea. I believed we talked about this. @Pete can we put this on the list to do? We’ll have to do this per trainer. On my hammer 0 resistance is PLENTY!

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Whenever I need to extend on a rest interval I’ll do a spin down calibration. That’s good for an extra 20 s of rest.

Yes, that is just what I needed. Not quite sure what to put as a TSS for an hour in the gym, but I am sure I can guess!