Peloton to acquire Precor

It has for me. Bought a peloton for fitness, enjoyed the coaching, bought a real bike, wanted to go faster, put power pedals on my peloton and subscribed to TrainerRoad. Whiles it’s a small %, I know a good number of people that have progressed from peloton to a smart trainer as well.


Same here. Used to commute on a bike, but then got a new job that required a car. Got way out of shape. Then I got a Peloton back in February 2020 just as lockdown hit my part of the world. Got interested in cycling again and bought a new road bike by August and subbed to TR in September with a goal of doing an imperial century. Just checked the century off the list last weekend.


@Jack_Russell_Racing That is exactly what I do NOT want, some spinning instructor cheering me on. But seriously, for the cost of a Peloton you can get a an awful lot . . . including a bike that can go outside.

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That’s my point…not that Peloton might not have other facets to the product which are attractive or the fact that it may well encourage people into cycling/exercise. It’s just the price or the hardware (checked and it’s about the same in the UK as the Watt bike atom!) and the cost per month…but as noted each to his/her own :grinning:

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Except you plug it in, turn it on, and it works. No trainer to install your bike on, app to load on this or that device, oh dang this is ANT+ and I need Bluetooth, and all that wonderful stuff.

And that’s worth a lot to many.


My TR worked first time on my smart trainer and has done so everyday I have used it for nearly 500 rides since…

If you are posting in this forum, you probably aren’t the target market.

So as my intro to marketing professor in b-school said “don’t extrapolate your preferences, and assume you’ve accurately captured your target markets’ preferences”



It just blows my mind that cyclists complain about the cost of a Peloton. I honestly think it’s incredibly well priced. Many of us have wheels that cost more.

And if the complaint is the cost of the subscription, a Peloton subscription for a family of 3 is less than 3 TR subs. Then throw in Zwift. Then throw in yoga classes. Then throw in strength training gym membership. Then throw in…


100% agree.