Over training or under training?

Hi. Enjoyed this post. We are about the same age. I’m going to ask a foolish question perhaps - how do you do extended base training? I was using a mid volume plan, but was starting to crap out in the specialty phase (rolling road race Sept to end May). I stopped and reduced volume and changed to Climbing road race x 22 w starting this week. However I don’t really want to race - this is more to increase fitness and enjoy my time on the bike more.

Is there a better strategy - is I wanted to do extended base training how would I do that?

The honest answer is “I hired a coach” lol. The TR answer is I did Traditional Base 1, twice I think (or repeated weeks?), and maybe Traditional Base 2, with some repeated weeks. Bottom line I was still seeing gains so I repeated weeks and slowly progressed time or intensity. Then into SSB1 which has enough intensity I found it hard to do more than once, so SSB1 turned into a build for the group riding season that was cut short by the pandemic. And five months later hiring a coach lol. Because once I started to learn stuff, it became stressful trying to figure out progressions with all the second guessing :joy:

I’m in my mid 50s. Just in a taper week ahead of an event this weekend. Just done two workouts this week. A strength endurance session on Tue and today a small amount of Vo2 work. Feeling super fresh and sessions went well. Not enough people, regardless of age, include the easier weeks. For me, I find they are essential, if I’m training to improve my fitness.

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