Opinions wanted switching to SRAM

:scream: You don’t say… I’m like a Sepp Kuss fan boy :heart_eyes: :man_facepalming: So that’s all you had to say… :rofl:

Yep, keep it REAL… Thanks well said!! And a good reminder as we fall in the cycling abyss. Sometimes we need a wake up call!

It likely isn’t…it is on the magnitude of 2-3w. Not even noticeable for most of us and other concerns should take priority (ergonomics, shifting preferences, etc).

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Before AXS they were 100% compatible, I mix and match all the time, just buy the cassette that is on offer at the time, cheapest, zero issues. Not sure bout AXS though. I moved to SRAM 10 years ago, best decision I ever made. I have tried the new Shimano offerings on test bikes more recently but it just doesn’t feel right to me, guess its a very personal thing.

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This has turned out to be the recently released Force AXS shifters - Rival bodies with carbon levers.
The newer RED will look much different if leaked images are anything to go by.


more GRX-ish from what I’ve seen. I already played with the thought of selling my RED hydros in anticipation of something more ergonomically fitting for me… either rival/force axs or the new red axs.