One Up Dropper on an Oiz

For any Orbea Oiz riders…dropper post question

I just ordered a new Oiz TR. I accidentally ordered the 125mm dropper option instead of the 150mm option. Guess I was too distracted by all the color choices. Anyway, they are telling me that they cannot change to the 150 now because I ordered from MyO and I cannot change anything. Now, I ordered the bike 2 days ago, and it does not ship until December 1st. I would think this is ample time to swap out one of the last components they will probably put in the box, but I digress…

I will probably put a One Up dropper on it anyway. I am wondering if I will be able to get a 180mm on there, or just a 150. Does anyone by chance have a Large Oiz you could measure next time you are tinkering around with it? I am looking for the Max Frame Insertion length (i.e. how far down will a seatpost go?)

Or, if anyone is running an Oiz / One Up combo, perhaps you would have the answer! Thanks in advance.

Update 8/14: I got in touch with a great customer service rep at Orbea. She is working to fix the issue. But, beware if you order a MyO Orbea build. They are serious when they say “orders cannot be changed!” Still interested in any Dropper info folks have for the Oiz TR!

Did you call Oiz ? I mean it’s a bit ridiculous

Cancel the order and order another one.

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It is beyond ridiculous. I cannot get anyone on the phone there. Customer Service line does not work or sometimes works and goes to voicemail. I heard back via email, and that is where they told me it can’t be swapped. I am trying to not let it get to me and be excited about my bike, but it is tough. My first Orbea, first non-used bike. I want to love the company but it is tough so far! But it is the exact bike I want. I would probably have swapped the dropper anyway. Could just be one crappy employee somewhere who does not want to log into a computer, find my order number, and click and type a few things.