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What is the difference (if any) between referral code and promo code?

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More 30-day trial referrals:

No difference, the terms are used interchangeably here. Whoops, this was wrong! Promo codes work for everybody; referrals only work for new subscribers.

So I have an active subscription and got a referral from a friend. I wanted to use the referral code in “add a promo code” but it says that the code is invalid. Why?

because referral codes are for new users

That’s different, you can only use the referral if you aren’t already subscribed to TR.

Instead, the promo codes are given with trainers or with some promotions and you can use them on you existing TR account.

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I see. Can I use it after my current subscription runs out?
So basically: end the subscription 1 day before I’m billed and use the code?

I’m not 100% sure, but I think referrals are only for new users.

So, you would need to create a new account and use a different payment method.

And even if they weren’t only for new users, you would probably have to wait to redeem the referral after you subscription ended, losing your eventual grandfathering.

Matt’s right - Referrals can only be used by brand new athletes with no TrainerRoad account.

Essentially, accounts that are already created, wether they are active or inactive, can not use Referral codes - only new accounts via the referral link :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply and the clarification. Too bad for me, but I understand.

Awesome, thanks!

Does anyone have a referral code that I can use? Thanks.

Happy Training…Enjoy! It will make you faster

Redeemed. Thank you.

where can i get your code?

Hi, I’m just new here and just got a smart trainer. Would anybody have a referral code to spare. Thank you. Mitchell

2 codes below. First come, first serve.



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Hey thanks Mark, I used the top code!

I’m thinking about switching to TR from Zwift, since I mostly just use work-outs. If someone has a spare code, that would be great!