Next Workout = race 7 months away?

This may be a bug or just a choice but one that seems odd to me. When I view my Career in the Android mobile app, my “Next Workout” is shown as my first race that doesn’t happen until May 2024.

  • I get this from a basic level since this is the “next” item on my calendar since I don’t have a plan in place right now. But this is certainly NOT my next workout.

  • IIRC, previously this section showed the current day as empty, along with something like “No scheduled workout, would you like to use TrainNow?” or something of a prompt to fill an empty day. This or a similar indicator / option makes far more sense than showing the “next” thing as something well into the future.

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:eyes: Taking a look now.

Enjoy the time off! :crazy_face:


@mcneese.chad In testing, we’ve been able to reproduce this, but we’ve also found that after updating to the latest Android version, the issue disappears. Could you see if an update helps on your end?

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I just updated to the latest app (it was the Oct 16 version with the issue this AM, but now shows as 2 updates on Oct 18) and still have the issue.

Per a comment on my support ticket, it sounds like my next step is to uninstall and reinstall, then recheck.

@mcneese.chad You could give that a try, but I’m not confident it will work. We’re working on this one now. I think your workout from today might have fooled someone into thinking the issue was resolved. :sweat_smile:

Stay tuned…

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AI just wants you to be fresh for your race, good thinking :wink:


Yeah, I added one manually afterwards to plan for the day and realized it may be causing confusion.

I deleted the manually added workout moments ago to try and eliminate any confusion.

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After the uninstall and new install, I get what seems correct and matches my prior experience

Seems to be solved as of now. Thanks! :smiley:


It looks like this is actually a bug. :slightly_frowning_face: We’ve written up a report and will get this taken care of ASAP. Sorry for the confusion!

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That Empirical podcast was wrong, clearly this means burning fat makes you better at burning fat, therefore sitting around increases endurance performance :crazy_face:

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