New shoes, big difference

Today I did one of my longer rides. This was the first time I had done it with my new wider fitting shoes. They made a big difference. I would get some foot pain after about 40-50 miles with my old narrower shoes. My bike fitter recommended a wider fit.

I didn’t want to spend hundreds on a new pair and managed to find these on Wiggle.

Shimano RP3 (RP301) SPD-SL Road Shoes (Wide Fit)

These made todays ride much more enjoyable


Same story for me although I might get a third pair for longer hard rides. Bont Vaypors are narrow even though the website says otherwise so I bought a pair of Lake CX241. The Bont’s pinch my foot leading to what feels like hot spots. Lake’s are great but feel like I lose efficiency in about half the pedalstroke due to the uppers being leather. Climbing out of the saddle doesn’t feel as good in the Lake’s either which I do a lot.

I’ve got some Shimano wide ones aswell and they have been excellent. Still holding up after 4 years. Not the most aero or lightest, but otherwise perfect.

Neither am I :grinning:

New shoes helped my knee pain personally, great investment.