New Roval Wheels

I just bought a tarmac and just want some decent roval entry level wheels

I’ll take the weight penalty any day. I don’t see myself ever buying tubes again.


I love my CL50s. Hope you can find some.


35mm wide front is interesting. I guess it’s designed for a 28mm tire.


I’m pretty sure the old CL/CLX50s were tubeless-compatible and are among the lightest weight disc wheel sets, plus I thought aero (or in this case, rolling resistance) > weight

I await the Zipp 303 Firecrest release!


Specialized is very proud of their Turbo Cotton tires, which are not tubeless compatible.

Sure, but those can still be installed on a TL compatible wheel…


Yea but maybe they can steer people towards buying the Cottons when they don’t have a choice to buy a tubeless tire?

Who knows, just speculating.


That’s big red S, tin foil hat stuff there :wink:


We need a large wind tunnel test on all these new wheels. Hope someone steps up to the plate to get real data. The red S stands for MARKETING

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The lack of tubeless compatibility is really confusing, especially given some of the comments recently about their RapidAir tubeless and QuickStep using them at last year’s TdF instead of tubulars:

Maybe this is just related to what high end consumer roadies are buying that don’t race?

I’d imagine for a lot of pro teams teams that they are under the UCI minimum for some of their equipment, which lets them run sightlier heavier rim construction to run tubeless? (rather than literally adding weight to the bike)


Yeah, I run them tubeless on my CL50s. They’re fantastic tires.

With a 21mm internal, maybe more of a 25cc tire that balloons to 28 or 29mm external. That would be weird. I wonder how that changes crosswind handling. The front wheel is a design not seen before and this kind of stuff is the true benefit of disc brakes. Unlocked rim potential.

It is strange isn’t it?
You would think a pro team would sacrifice 100g for a more reliable tire that wont need a wheel swap mid race

It seems very similar to Cannondale’s Knot wheels. I believe they are 32mm wide and designed for a 25mm tire.

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Think it’s the opposite. Pro teams care less about tire durability/reliability than the rest of us, because they have support cars and domestiques able to swap bikes or wheels at a moment’s notice.

100g isn’t a big deal as there are plenty of ways to get a bike down to the UCI weight limit. They might prefer 100g less rolling weight and 100g more weight on the frame though. Ineos were switching to Lightweight Meilenstein wheels for the mountain stages at last year’s Tour, even though I’m sure they would have no problem getting their bikes down to UCI limits using their regular Shimano wheels. Those guys are normally pretty data-led so reasonable to assume they had good reason to make the switch.

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Most pro bikes are not right on the weight limit. I read that Sky used Lightweights to give the riders a mental boost as well as get the bikes closer to the limit.

Yup! Those wheels are along the lines of what is available nowadays from Enve with the 4.5ar or the Hunt limitless which is also optimized for 25mm and does something weird to add extra width. These new rovals push the boundaries at 35mm external for a front wheel and if optimized for a 29mm tire, almost a whole 6 mm difference which hasn’t been done before. I’m excited to see the reviews on how well they perform.

For what it’s worth - if you can pick up a discounted set of CL 50s now then I would highly recommend them.
I have a pair of CL50 Disc which I run tubeless with 28mm GP5000 TLs on my 1st Gen Canyon Grail as a winter bike and plan to use them on my summer bike when I upgrade it to a disc frame.
They are amazing. The tyre does blow out a little but with the 21mm internal rim this makes it more aero, very comfortable to ride and feels grippy.
Importantly, fellow riders can’t believe how quick the set up is. And it has genuinely taken me by surprise. Sure the frame is well equipped to work on road as well as gravel but the wheels/ trye combo must be a huge factor in the performance of my set up.

What kind of trip are we talking about here?