New Pinarello Dogma F (2022)

Pinarello will launch their new bike, the Dogma F (yes, no more numbers) today.
Apparently, 3pm GMT is the official launch, with the bike set to be as aero as the previous generation, yet lighter, and more compliant.
Also, disc and rim brake options available.
To be updated here.

Leaked image:

Wondering what inspired them to paint their new aero climbing bike like that…

Update 2: Website is down. Probably being updated.


There she is:

No Dura Ace Model at launch, probably not before DA 9200

Review: Pinarello has a new Dogma F: no number required - CyclingTips

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Looks like the old Fxx and Grevil mixed together, personally not a huge fan, but not nearly as offensive looking as Campy cranks

You say that like it is a good thing…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously, I have never seen any data that indicates those bikes were actually aero.

Tour Magazin tested the F12 rim brake version with relatively shallow wheels at 211W at 45k (mind, they use a pedaling dummy that has no upper body, to not make geometry of the bike part of the result, so you will likely still need 420+W for that speed).
That is a Watt slower than the SL7 and better than most light weight aero bikes.

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