New phone choices - Help needed

Im having a hard time picking a new phone. What I want from it is:

  • be connected to my Wahoo Bolt/headphones (im using Sudio ten right now)
  • the battery to last minimum 6 hours when riding also using 4G and bluetooth.
    I prefer it to withstand rain even if its in the pocket.
    Also I prefer smaller phones but I haven´t found a good choice: Do you know any?

These are the models I can choose from:

  • Asus ZenFone 5Z
  • One plus 6
  • One plus 6T
  • Iphone XR
  • Iphone 11

I hope your experince and coments can help me decide.

Just make sure that the phone has both ant+ and Bluetooth since I don’t think you’ll be able to connect Bluetooth to multiple devices.

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I bought a OnePlus 6T in January and I’m really satisfied with it. It’s very fast and the battery lasts around 6 hours of screen time with an intense use, up to 8 if you watch a lot of videos. It doesn’t have any fancy feature excluding the fingerprint sensor under the screen, however the sensor isn’t as quick as the latest ones and the camera isn’t one of the best. Though, since it’s a “old” phone, you can find it at really good prices. I would recommend it over the normal OP6 since it has a bigger battery, larger screen and more software support since it was released some months later.


I just went from a Note 9 to an s20 and I love the change. The note was slightly too big, but I loved the screen size, when I went to the store to compare them, I realized that with even a thin case, the s20+ would be the exact same size as the note. So I got the s20 instead. Happy I did.

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I think the “smallest” regular phone these days is the small iPhone 11 Pro. Phones seem to be growing every year.

As a best all-rounder, I recommend the iPhone 11: battery life is phenomenal, it is water proof and a great performer.

Sure you can! One phone can connect to multiple Bluetooth devices. It is just that one sensor is limited to one Bluetooth connection at a time. That means you cannot use Bluetooth to connect your power meter to, say, your phone and your head unit. But of course, head units speak Ant+, so you don’t need Ant+ on your phone.

What are you trying to do with your phone that the wahoo bolt doesn’t do? Or why do you want a constant connection to your phone?

If you’re using it as a bike computer, I’d buy a cheaper smart phone, and also buy a cheap bike computer like Garmin 130. That way you can save your phone battery life by keeping the 4G and bluetooth off while riding.

Makes sure the phone is in stock before you settle on something. #COVID19

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Second the OnePlus 6T. I got mine when they first came out, about 2.5 years ago, and it still works just like the day I got it…no slow down like an iPhone when a new version comes out. It also picks up ant+ and Bluetooth, so no dongle. And it’s one of the cheapest flagship phones

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One of the reasons im sticking with samsung is because they have ant+ native in the phone…and not a lot of phone manufacturers do that. Now there’s this decent promo on new phones but my s8 still works great and with covid…gonna be tighter on funds so doenst make sense to pull the trigger :frowning:

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I really like OnePlus. I have a 5T and it still just works. My son has a 3T still in operation. Ant+ connectivity is solid; I’ve tried Wahoo Kickr, P2M, Quarq and various Garmin periferals.


Thanks for all the response! :green_heart:

I dont like big phones but i guess i had to follow the market…

I got a One plus 7 256gb/8gb for about 460 usd (the 6t was 430usd) so it was not so much difference. Its also my company phone = no vat in that price. Im Swedish so i dont know how well that price stands in the US or Europe but i think its was okey.

I use an iPhone 11 with Bluetooth earbuds, stages power meter, and tacx neo2, zero issues.

OP, in my experience so far (4 months), the 11 checks all of your boxes.

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