New MTB (Trail-Hardtail)

I’m after some forum knowledge.

I’m a though and through MTB XC’r, current bike is a Canyon Exceed and it’s great. However in a few months a bike park is opening very near me and I fancy learning to ride a bit more “trail” like. (meaning jumps, etc)

Of course I need a more suitable (new) :grin: bike. Must be a hardtail and I’m thinking something like
Cotic BFeMAX
Sonder signal

I’m not necessarily fixed on steel (could be Al), anyone have any suggestions or experience of a suitable bike?
Thanks :+1:

Since you already own a Canyon, maybe consider their Stoic Hardtail also?

Looks nice but after 2 Canyons I fancied something else a bit different

My picks (though I do not have any riding experience with them… I just think they look neat and they are pretty progressive from a geometry standpoint):
Kona Honzo ESD
Chromag Rootdown
Commencal Meta HT

I’ve really been wanting to hunt down a Honzo ESD frame to build up.

Friend of mine has the Commencal. Looks great, and he just posted a video of him doing a massive jump (I’ve done that jump myself, it’s pretty damn big).

Way to tease!

The Chromag Doctahawk would be a sweet bike for park/enduro/trail riding.

It’s a sweet lookin’ hardtail to boot too

Also if you’re looking for even more suggestions, check out this thread:

It was on his Ig story, so I don’t think I can get it anymore. But it was this one. Except he was on the HT. My Garmin says it is 35’ and I am hitting it at 25 MPH. It is a table, but I don’t think I would want to come up short on the HT. He did not come up short.

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Thanks all, some great suggestions.