New iPhone, Bluetooth not enabled in TR app

So I have a new device (an iPhone X), loaded TR app and logged in with my account just fine. Confirmed that Bluetooth is turned on in iOS settings however within the TR app when I go to “Devices” it says “Bluetooth off” and can’t find my trainer. Any ideas? I have another older iPhone and it is picking up the trainer just fine. And yes, I turned Bluetooth “off” in Settings on the older device and still no luck on the newer device.

What has me scratching my head is the fact that under Devices in the TR app it says “Bluetooth off” when in fact Bluetooth is on. I’m guessing it’s just something dumb but any help would be appreciated…

If you scroll all the way down in settings to the TR app does it have a Bluetooth setting? Mine does (iphone 8s). That may be switched off and overriding the phone’s Bluetooth setting.

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Yes! That was it. Thank you!

I have a similar problem, in the TR app on my iphone x, it says “bluetooth: not available”. In settings I have nothing related to bluetooth.

Did you manage to solve this problem? I’m getting exactly the same.
Driving me crazy