New Cervelo Soloist released

Looks like Cervelo released a new version of the Soloist:


Interesting that it will be positioned in between the R5 and S5.

Seems like a smart move since their R5 and S5 have diverged more every release cycle.

Yeah, but the Soloist means something special to me. I’d prefer to call this the RS4 or something like that.


Easier on the bank account than a new Audi RS4. :crazy_face:


Smart of them to pick a provocative name for marketing purposes but all they really did is bring back the S2/S3 and call it the Soloist.

For years they had the S2/S3 design which was their mainstream aero road bike and the S5 was the high end option for the aero-or-die crowd. I hadn’t looked at their road range recently but was shocked to see they had essentially surrendered everything but their premium road lines by eliminating the other R and S-series bikes besides the “5” versions. I suppose they chose to focus their resources on developing their gravel range and assumed anyone else in the middle would but a Caledonia.

While the Caledonia is a good bike it’s still an endurance bike and likely not going to be first choice for people looking for an all-rounder aero race bike that isn’t a full on super bike like the 5 series.

So mild kudos to Cervelo for reintroducing a sensible bike to the range, but they’re just addressing the massive hole they created by abandoning their previous model range.

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Funny that for years Cervelo’s were considered a dentist bike and now with the new Soloist they are being offered at lower prices than similar offering from Specialized, Trek, Giant and others.

This bike looks good to me. I like how similar to the new Giant Propel they have a clean cockpit while still making adjustability and swapping stems and cockpits a lot easier. I’m in the market for an aero leaning road bike and this one will definitely be on my short list

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Hmmm, I don’t know. Part of me feels Cervelo should perhaps just have one product instead of 3 like e. g. the new SL7 that replaced the SL6 and the Venge or BMC’s Teammachine? In that case, the Soloist looks great.

The soloist was turned into the S-series (hense the letter S) so it’s kind of back to the roots of the name

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Looks a lot better than that eyesore bka the S5.

Looks great. Interestingly, it doesn’t look like it comes with a top-end DA or Red spec.

I can’t help but thinking this is the result of Jumbo basically demanding an aero bike at or below the weight limit.


Or bike that is as light as the UCI allows, and they simply put the “extra weight” to good use.