My next bike project: planning for a replacement of my hardtail

Two years ago, I got a very good deal on a hardtail. The build is a bit of a mish-mash from several eras:

  • The frame is a Merida carbon frame from 2014, so quite old.
  • The bike was stripped to the frame in 2018 and the previous owner blinged it out: XTR M9000 1x groupset, Fox 32 Factory fork, carbon seat post, carbon bars, quality Stans NoTubes alu wheels.
  • In 2022, I put on new XT brakes and new Shimano Pro carbon bars with a Shimano Pro stem.

Without saddle bag, the bike weighs 9.6 kg. I really like it, but I am worried about the frame. The clear coat is peeling off and am not sure how much life it has left. So one option is to buy a new frame and put all the components on the new frame. I might have issues with the rear hub (as that still has a quick release), but that would be the cheapest option.

On the other hand, most of the components are already 6 years old, so another option might be to save up for a new bike. Trouble is, there is no way I could get an equivalently equipped bike for money Iā€™d find acceptable. (Bike prices are soaring.)

Any input or advice?

Replace the frame? maybe go dually? whenever the drivetrain and gears brake in future then upgrade them?

no point buying all new.

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If there is no indication of frame failures why replace it? Unless you just want to. If you like it, just keep riding it.

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