Manually adjust workout mid ride, complete entire ride, impacts to AT?

Hello, I was curious how AT handles the following situation.
During ride if you cannot complete a full interval and switch from erg mode to resistance and reduce your power to complete the interval, and then put it back into erg mode for the recovery and either complete workout from there or if you need to do the same on the next long interval in order to complete it.
You do complete the workout in terms of duration.
I would mark this workout as “all out” as I was not able to complete it as prescribed and then the subsequent question from TR would likely be why? and I would say due to “intensity”.
I am curious how AT treats and handles this ride in terms of adjusting future workouts.
Is AT able to adjust future workouts by taking into account how much of the prescribed intervals I could NOT complete?
I am curious if this situation happens and I am not able to complete a workout as prescribed, what is the best course of action for me to take mid ride so that AT can do its work best to set future workouts that I WILL be able to complete.
Thank you.

If you stay on target (or reasonably close to it) it doesn’t matter but if by switching to resistance mode and fall significantly below target AT says something like well done for pushing through but why did struggle today, it then gives you a list of options, stress, motivation, illness etc

Short on time, but this might be the best starting point in the existing support files.

Thank you for the responses.
My original inquiry was for when or if I were to go way outside of what the interval is presbribed at (e.g. If I essentially needed to start my recovery interval early as I was not able to complete it).
Based on the above link it appears as of today this will not really be captured in recommending future workouts although you should still see a slight reduction.
Good to know and hope it doesn’t happen :crossed_fingers:

sounds good to me. you struggled and it should give you easier workouts in the future.