Low Tempo vs Sweetspot

I think this may be being overthought - if you can’t get outside do the 2 hour SS. If you can then do a zone 2 ride of 1.5/2x as long so 3 - 4 hours. If you have the mental fortitude for long rides on the turbo do an endurance ride of 2:30 - 3:00 which spends most of the time at 65-75%FTP and if you do it week after week try and do a little longer or find a TR workout which slightly ups the TSS.

Even Z2 utilizes fast twitch (type 2a). I had a link to study that showed this but the forum upgrade has broken the link that @bbarrera sent me.

EDIT: I found the link


Yes - Z2 uses type some IIa, but not as much as sweet spot.

From the link you sent:


If reducing VLaMax is a priority, high tempo/low sweet spot seems to be the obvious approach.

Back to the OPs question, maybe low tempo would have same effect at lowering VLaMax - but would have to ride a lot longer. How much longer, I don’t know.

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I suppose it depends to a great extent on if, and by how much your FTP is higher than your power at MLSS. (but I think that sort of thing may have been discussed on one or two threads on this forum!!)

FTP by definition is intended to be the power at MLSS. If this is not the case, then the FTP protocol is not accurate.


My post was really in response to @carytb. Looks like the quote thing messed up again.

I wasn’t comparing Z2 to tempo or SS. Obviously the latter uses more type2a.

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What is high tempo/low sweet spot?

If talking about % of FTP, how much would that be?

If talking about physiological marker, what would that be? Power below MLSS/LBP? Lactate below 2mmol/L?

A good FTP estimate will be close to MLSS.

Tempo on TR is 76-87%
Sweet Spot on TR is 88-94%