Lore Two Shoes, starting at $1350

$1350 - $1850 shoes!

The higher-priced model is made from carbon.
I would be curious to hear the community’s thoughts on this.

“Alien-like Morphic™ process equals the best fitting and biomechanically efficient shoes ever made.”

I’m sold!

“magnified power production and ultimate performance”

I’m almost sold, I just need to confirm the power magnification ratio to see how much extra power I’ll get.


“patent pending dorsal fin” = “speed skate boot” ?

All razzing aside, V2 looks wayyy better than V1


If I had the budget for custom made shoes based on a digital scan of my feet, I’d consider them.
Unfortunately, I don’t, but I can’t begrudge anyone who does. We all have our priorities. My neighbors think I’m nuts for having an expensive bike.


I’m waiting for the spray-on model.

They should have servos to tighten and loosen them, along with blips

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