Looking for advice about sidewall puncture (Schwalbe G One)

I’m looking for advice about a puncture I suffered this week.

I was riding my cyclocross bike for a road ride. I was using the cx bike as I was away and could only take one bike, I wasn’t sure what ride we’d do so I left gravel tyres on.

It has schwalbe g one all around 35mm gravel tyres (not tubeless, used with standard inner tubes) on hunt 4 season tubeless ready wheels. Tyres pumped that morning to 60 psi (tyre recommends 45-70 psi I think). I think it’s maybe the 3rd or 4th ride with these tyres.

My weight 75kg, bike weight around 10kg.

Around 60km in, all on ok tarmac, just cresting a small rise, not pushing hard at all. I heard a pop and felt the air leaking. The sidewall had a maybe 8mm tear.

Any idea why this would have happened? Was the tyre pressure too high?

Also interested in how people would repair this to get home? I cut the old tube and put part of it between the new tube and the tyre where it had punctured. I spent the 60km home waiting for it to go again - thankfully it
lasted till home.


That’s a pretty big cut and it will be safer to replace the tyre. It looks like a cut, maybe glass or a nail.

60 psi seems a lot to me on 35mm. I have 35mm clincher tyres on my commuter bike, and 40psi seems enough.

I’m definitely going to replace the tyre.

I suppose I’m trying to get a steer on whether it’s just bad luck or user error in which case I’ll happily get another g one tyre.


I know quite a few people who use those tyres and haven’t heard of anything similar, so I’d write it off as bad luck.

See if you can go lower in pressure though - higher pressure helps prevent pinch puntures, but might make normal punctures more likely, because the tyre can’t deform as well over sharp objects.