List your personal "Top 3" gravel races in your home state or country

Is this forum really that US-centric, or is it just gravel races? Could OP sort the non-US events by country?

Sorry, I really should have made this list just US races by state; its turning out to be a lot to keep up on. I’d suggest someone else make a “best races by country” list. I won’t delete the ones added so far but will edit the title and OP. Thanks for understand and certainly no offense or slight intended towards anyone not in the USA.

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I also did BWR NC and didn’t love the mowed grass portion or Falling Creek segment. I ran into the same issues at BWR MI - I enjoyed the gravel sections but did not enjoy the single track. I guess that is BWR’s “schtick” so its on me for signing up…but probably will not be back to a BWR event because of it.

For NC I would also add Pisgah Productions “Monster Cross” to the list. It is a great, challenging gravel race - which brings you into fairly remote areas of Pisgah and Nantahala Forest.
Blue Ridge Advantures “Gravel Diggler” is another NC race, which is worth mentioning - it shares some of the NC BWR route, but isn’t that long/expensive.

For Nebraska, the first two to focus on are:

Gravel Worlds (Lincoln, NE) – Aug 23, 2024
Gravel Worlds is a super well run event with a very social vibe. It’s great for people that don’t live on this part of the map. My buddy who lives in Boston came out last year and had a hoot buying snacks with cash at the only store in town, looking at cows, etc. The course is typically a ton of rolling hills. None of the climbs are very step, but they always keep coming.

Robidoux Rendezvous (Gehring, NE) – June 29, 2024
So this event features a lot of the same course used in the '23 and '24 Gravel National Championships. The race promoter helped USAC organize the Nattys. A hauntingly beautiful landscape that reminds you a bit of the Colorado foothills and the Badlands of South Dakota.

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For Texas, my favorite is the Hill Country Hundy in Llano; for Virginia, there’s the Appalachian Journey and the Tour de Dirt, both out of Floyd; for Arkansas, Highlands is a beast, but I enjoyed it in a sick perverted kind of way

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In sunny South Africa, where the US$ stretches very far and the weather is always good, you can find a host of great gravel events throughout the year. Most of them are 100 milers, with some 200 milers and +200km events.

Personal favourites are:
Swartberg 100 (also UCI qualifiers) in late April from the sleepy hollow of Prince Albert in Western Cape
Race to the Sun in early May in the raucus region of the Highveld/Johannesburg
The Stanford in early December in the picturesque valley of nearby Hermanus in Western Cape

Other notable events in respective provinces (States):
The Gallows - Western Cape - May
Ronde van Riebeeck - WC - June
Around the Pot 100&200 - WC - July
GT100 - Gauteng - August
Race to the Sea - WC - September
The Ceder (140&245km) - WC - September
Boland Gravel Monster - WC - September
Prince George - WC - October

There are a host of other gravel (and epic MTB) events not noted and spread across the year too.

For the list for Montana

Bonus event that is women’s only: