Lightweight Climbing Disc Bike - SL7 vs VAM

I have a bit of a dilemma - I started a project sometime back to build a lightweight disk climber to compliment my current Dogma (switching to ENVE 5.6’s to become more of a ‘aero choice’). I currently have a blue Sworks SL7 frameset inbound but I have been surprised of the painted weight of about ~880g (size 56) that I have seen on this board; I also selected a pro-vibe lightweight bars vs Sworks aerobars II since I spend a lot of time on the top of the bars.

I also have an opportunity to pick up a VAM with a weight of about ~720g and seams to be a popular climbing choice on this board. I like the concept of a Factor and seams to fit that profile of something different than by Dogma and climbing focused. I have previously owned a SL6 and felt it was a great bike but I have never rode a Factor before.

Without having a rim vs disk debate, I am curious if you would:
a) move forward with the SL7 build
b) sell the SL7 frameset and pick up the VAM
c) consider another frame like Wilier Zero SLR, etc.

and why.

Thank you

I won’t answer the question, as I’ve never heard of the VAM. But, why would you need to sell the new tarmac? Can’t you just return to shop unused? It will sell.

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