Let's see your Titanium builds!

I have been eyeballing one of these for awhile. Thoughts on it?

Keeping the theme going - here’s another. 4 groupsets later and still going strong. Oh, and yes, I have much longer legs than I do torso. :slight_smile: or :frowning: - it is what it is.


it is fantastic, I have it setup about the same as my road bike and it feels quick. Being able to swap from gp5k 32s when its dry to 44s raddlers in the winter and spring makes it my all year bike. The comfort of the bigger tires means the road bike basically lives on the trainer at this point. The bigger tubes do add some weight but not so much it is a concern for my level. They salt the roads here in MI so not having to worry so much about corrosion is nice.

If I could have anything different, it would be their internal cable option. Last week when the snow was melting and the dirt roads were REALLY muddy it would get really caked onto where the shift cable goes under the bb and made shifting the front derailleur pretty hard. If cross happens this fall i will probably need to either figure out a 1x option or run full length cable housings.

My Ti Enigma Evoke (UK) , its fitted with BTC to break the frame as its my travel bike. SRAM AXS saves a bit of cabling hassle. Love it.


I rarely see these saddles but, man, they are so nice if they fit you!

Gorgeous bike

Now and then, purely from an aesthetic point of view, I change the saddle to something that looks less hideous (basically any other saddle on the market) and every single time I’m back on the smp in short order. Polarizing in terms of look and feel but they work the best for me.

(Having looked at the photo again I might need to review the angle of the seat. :grinning:)

Exactly the same for me :man_facepalming: :rofl: I’m fine with most things for up to about 2 hours, but my SMP is the only saddle I actually forget about, which is the ultimate compliment.

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Has anyone had any experience with Paradigm bikes in the UK, btw? https://www.paradigmbicycles.uk/custom-bicycles

They are Far East sourced, with the QC and finishing done in the UK. The prices look reasonable but not so cheap as to be obviously alarming, and they operate out of a bricks and mortar bike shop (another plus). They were a bit coy as to exactly what grade of ti is used and about some of the finer details.

Reason I ask is I’m contemplating an all-road build (i.e. a gravel bike that can double up as a decent endurance road bike with a tyre/wheel change) and this would fit the bill quite nicely. They are just close enough to me that I could go there and back in a morning to see the bikes and them in person…

It’s funny you bring up the cables, as that’s my biggest concern. I’ve never ridden a bike with the head tube cable stops like that, do the cables stick out far enough that they can get snagged on anything? Other than that, I’m in love with this bike. Nice build.

great to see more Enigmas :smiley:

Quite tempted with a new Evoke disc as my next ‘best bike’ build and see they have just updated the frameset again this year. Discs, 30-32mm rubber and internal cabling would make a great build.

I have cable discs as the bike is broken down for travel most weeks and no practical option to split with hydraulic. Which means the cables must be external. I think the max tyre you can get on an Evoke is 30mm though i would need to check. They have other frames that fit larger tyres.

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I have the same experience. I would love to ride a cheaper, more easily available saddle, but everything else results in saddle sores/pinching/unbearable pressure on my important parts. The SMP just works and I don’t have to think about it.


Just wrapped up my Lynskey GR300 build and here it is from a quick shakedown ride. I went with GRX Di2 and still need to fine tune it a bit, but it’s a blast to ride. I’m currently running 700x48 slicks and it’s like riding on a cloud!!!