Let's see your Titanium builds!

Here’s my Ti road bike, a Litespeed Ultimate disc. I love love LOVE this bike. So fast and so smooth. Litespeed managed to square off the top tube and make the down tube a truncated airfoil shape so there’s a few aero touches. Combining that with zipp sl aero handlebars and cockpit and my flo45s this thing gets moving in a hurry. I’m also finding I’m getting pushed around far less in headwinds and crosswinds in contrast to when I was using those same wheels on my 2017 specialized diverge elite so that’s a pretty big added bonus. The frame easily fits 30c tires as advertised and could probably fit the right pair of 32s. Bought it with riding mainly road with some light hard pack gravel roads here and there on occasion for which I have a set of dt swiss 460s with donnelly cdg tubeless tires ready for the quick switch. With cages and pedals the weight comes in a 18.2 lbs. All in all It’s hard to find any faults with this bike, I’m keeping it forever. I might switch out the ultegra mechanical for Di2 when the next gen comes out and will definitely be getting more aero wheels for it because more wheels means more fun. If you come across anyone complaining about Ti not being aero point them in the direction of litespeed. Yea it’s not as aero as a tarmac or emonda or whatever but they’re not nearly as smooth to ride as this.

Probably going to buy the litespeed ultimate gravel to go with it because aero-ish Ti gravel sounds splendid.


I went with Ti because of my unsubstantiated fear of damaging a carbon frame while out on gravel. One of the Trek Carbon gravel bikes I was looking at had a frame protector on the down tube/bb area which planted the seed that maybe my fear wasn’t just in my head.

I have had Ti before and went with the T-Lab X3 because it’s slack \ endurance geometry was right for me on both gravel and the road. IMHO it’s kind of aggressive geometry for gravel, but perfect on the road, mostly because I’m still not fully used to it on gravel yet.

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Here’s my Titanium rig, a Chiru Vagus. The geometry ended up being perfect for me since it’s a little more gravel and endurance oriented but still fulfills my roadie desires. It has the Force AXS wide 2x set up which I love since I want the wide range without big jumps. I also appreciate that as a small frame, it still has room for the 3rd bottle cage and I should be able to fit a small top tube frame pack (coming later this week).

We’ll be riding a 200 miler in about 3 weeks, so I’m planning to spend that time getting dialed in. So far it’s great! I’m soliciting name ideas since I always name my bikes.


Van Nicholas Zephyr frame bought in 2011. Kysrium ES wheels from 2009 (they have both had several new rims due to wear and accident damage). In 2018 I was looking at a new bike but decided to upgrade drivetrain on this bike with UltegraDi2. As I did not want an external battery that required a 6mm hole in the BB shell to get the wire from the “B” junction round the BB (quite tricky) and up to the seat post battery. Been fantastic performance from the groupset.


Just rebuilt my Schwinn Paramount Ti (frames built by Serotta)…frame was hanging around for way too many years. Sourced a few Campag Chorus components and dusted it off.

Next step is to find a threaded headset and put my Wound Up fork back on it (painted to match). Was pretty pleased to see all the Wound Up forks on bikes in this thread. Been a fan of them for years.

This frame is Serial #1 from the relaunched Paramounts back in 98.


I need get some Ti eventually. Awesome stuff throughout.


You won’ regret it…ti is just awesome.

kinda kicking around the idea of a ti gravel frame right now. Don’t think I can get that past the Finance Committee, though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ha, tough to get the boss sign off for sure.

I dream of a Moots RSL for gravel, but man… they are up there.

I also keep watching for an oldie roadie like yours to turn up. Had a look at an early 2000 Litespeed, but was in need of a full group rebuild, so I passed.

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Mine… from Carl Strong.


2003 Colnago CT1. Just added a set of Tokyo Carbon Wheels. Built this up for my 40th birthday back then and still enjoy it as much as the first day I got it. IMG_2707


Lynskey backroad on 40c raddler tubeless winter shoes and flat pedals for less death in the snow. Ultegra all around, 4iiis on the left. Fizik saddle whiskey 9 fork.


I’d love to get and road race a Lynskey or Litespeed, if I wasn’t so self conscious about being different than my carbon-clad teammates and competitors, and wasn’t such a sucker for all the marketing of carbon benefits (aero, lighter, stronger, faster, will turn you into a pro, etc.).

This is making me drool! Just received a Lynskey GR300 frame today and my shop is building it up with GRX Di2. I snuck a sneak peak in the box and those frames are things of beauty!!


My latest addition to the bike pool: Serk A21 - The Dissident.

Serk is kind of a boutique shop founded by Shannon Bufton in Beijing China.


My only regret is getting a ti road bike and NOT a ti cross bike. But the timing of purchases (Alu Canti CX, couple years, Ti Road, child, couple years Alu hardtail, child, couple years, child, moving house, worn out alu CX bike) meant even my replacement CX bike was aluminum. But I was able to afford Force Hydro… So there’s that.

I’ve ridden carbon on the road (rentals), I can’t find a justification for it, for how little smooth tarmac I ride day to day. I would find it interesting to compare ti and carbon as 1 vs 1 on a CX course, of course matching wheels and tire pressures.

My 2011? Lynskey Sportive is as wonderful as the day I bought her, but the mid-range Bontrager fork won’t let me get a 28mm on the front, so that’s on the list of “when I find a good deal on a replacement” and the handlebars are good and long in the tooth - so they’re on the same list. I can’t decide to stay with a shallow drop or go more aggressive since I already have two CX bikes set up (did I mention that I slowly rehabbed the original canti aluminum CX bike?).

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Not enough Sevens on this thread. 2000 Seven Axiom that I’ve been riding for 21 years. Rebuilt last winter with NIB Dura Ace 7700 (spent a lot of time on ebay finding parts). Replaced Wound Up fork (they have a great replacement program for old forks).“Modernized” with new Boyd Altimont wheelset on CK hubs, Garmin Vector3 pedals and new Garmin head unit. Forever bike.


Oooh…tell me more, please!!

Courtesy replacement program. About 30% discount…

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All these beautiful Ti bikes. Why would anyone buy plastic? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This, for me, is the winner of the thread so far (equal to my own of course - see post #1 !!!).

Close to perfection…let’s look at the checklist:
Horizontal top tube. Silver and black, no unnecessary added colours. Sensible depth rims. Subtle, non-shouty monochrome decals. Beautiful groupset. Matching black seatpost and stem. No headset spacers. Non-integrated head tube. That fork is superb, styled like an old Colnago fork - does it have a Ti crown and carbon blades? I love it.

Only thing that makes it 99% not 100% is that a 17 degree stem would be in line with thetop tube, but I’m just being silly, it’s a beautiful bike!

And, at 21 years old and still looking and performing like new, what more does anyone need to see to be convinced that Ti is the ultimate choice of frame material? I love my carbon bikes but not as much as I love my beautiful Ti machine and yours is an absolute cracker!

Thanks for sharing!