Let's see your Titanium builds!

Having priced various updates to my titanium frame, I’d say get an estimate for repairs or retrofits from a reputable Ti shop first so you know all-in cost… Makes sense if you’ve got sentimental attachment to a frame. From a rational economic perspective, might not.


Recent build project. Objectives were a multi-use bike, endurance and touring, plus gravel. Titanium on a budget.

  • Titanium frame, seat tube and carbon fork from Waltly
  • Second hand (unused) Rival full groupset
  • Ex demo 650b LUN wheels (1400g) +47mm tyres with 11-50 cassette
  • Direct chinese 35/45 700c wheels (1300g) + 28mm tyres with 11-42 cassette
  • 165mm power meter cranks from Xcadey
  • Flared Ritchey Beacon WCS bars

Swap the wheels to go from monster gravel to comfy endurance bike. Working great so far. With road wheels I can ride with weekend roadie groups, with gravel wheels I can stretch to mtb trails. Switching the wheels gives the bike two very different personalities.


Oh, this is super rad. Could you post more pics of the cockpit setup?

Mine are just wide flared bars with 3.5mm thick bartape. Beacon WCS bars, so very flared and shallow drop.

I have a dropper post that I haven’t fit yet, will be very tight getting the internal cable via the BB (should’ve gone T47 in hindsight).

I’m also contemplating a suspension stem, but unsure on this… spending has to stop somewhere.


I am very interested in a deeper discussion. Your Stallion is very close in geometry to my Fezzari Empire (except for a much higher stack). I’ve taken the Empire off-road several times, including several places where I was very under-biked, and it did very well. I think I’d be happy with a gravel bike with similar geometry but clearance up to 50mm. As I’ve posted numerous times before, I keep coming back to the Seigla but it is more slack and some have concerns about the shallower bottom bracket drop. Would definitely enjoy a discussion with you and @Bones and others.

Compare: 2022 Lauf Cycling Seigla Ultimate Medium vs 2021 - Titanium All-City Cycles Cosmic Stallion Base 55cm - Bike Insights,

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I am totally up for a deeper dive around geometry, @rkoswald. Do you want to pick up on your prior topic (below) or start a new one on par with the MTB one I started a while ago?

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@mcneese.chad let’s add to Road vs Gravel Bike Geometry. Seems like a good fit because it sounds like we prefer more road geometry on dirt.

For @Bones , I’m interested in learning more about your preference for trail. I understand what it is (eg how it is calculated), but less so about what that means for bike handling.

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Check out the J.Guillem range at Pedal revolution :ok_hand:t3:

my J.Guillem Major… 1st pic is most recent with the 28mm vittoria corsa’s & the 2nd pic is running 32mm gravel kings for when I’m feeling more all-road.

Check out the j.guillem bikes, all works of art


Where did you get the couplings installed? I too am looking to have a Ti Travel bike and yours ticks all the boxes, just now looking for where I can aquire one. In reading a past post of yours I believe you had built in UK…?

I came across the couplings after some research. At the time (2020) they would only supply to a frame builder which makes sense. I guess if you already have a frame then you’ll need to find a frame builder with Ti welding know-how. I bought my bike from Enigma and from the outset I specified the couplings which they were familiar with. It added about £1k to the cost of the bike - supply of couplings plus the fabrication.

It is a brilliant solution, I never notice it is a coupled frame. Super stiff. Brakes down easily and depending on your frame size you may not have to dismantle forks.

Sram axs (wireless) saves some assembly hassle. I went for the TRP HY/RD mechanical hydraulic brakes which are pretty good.

Hope this helps.

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More details to come… but it’s finally done!


Those chainstays into the rear dropout…just :pinched_fingers:t3:


Yeah, that 3D printed dropout setup is something to drool over.


I love this!

I’m building up a 105 Di2 bike now (with Ultegra shifters - needed satellite buttons because I climb on the tops)

I think the discreet dark grey “Shimano 105” livery on black is really elegant and understated. Looks better than the Ultegra grey or loud white Dura Ace logos IMO.

There’s an 11-36 HG-710 cassette you might want to try on your gravel-ish wheels

Thanks bro! I do love this bike, it’s pretty much stock but amazing value. I’d rode a Canyon Grail with hover bar set up for a few years so it’s nice now to have the option of changing the stem/bar reach
The shifting is faultless with the 105 too, again amazing value :slight_smile:


God DAYUM that is sexy!!


Ha, thanks. The first real ride today went better than I might have expected. 95 miles racing with mega climbs, fast descents & corners along with a wide variety of hero gravel to river rock with some nast washboards.

Blown away with feel of the bike, and the geo gave me confidence to rally even loose corners like i used to on the Boone. To say i am happy with this after many, many hours of research is an understatement. Pretty much love at first ride.

I will try to get some legit glamor shots up soon, now that it’s done.


That’s awesome….glad the geo worked out!!

Looking forward to more beauty shots……the polished GRX looks great on it.


Yeah that’s a proper break in ride!! Glad you’re loving it — the hints you’ve dropped suggest there was a lot of work that went into it :joy:

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