Let's see your paincave!

My Lasko is up high - on top of a refrigerator in my case. See the third pic in the link below. Works great!

This is a good thought. I suppose I could use two hooks: one to hang the top and another to balance the bottom and keep it off the wall.

Since you’re using the fan to power your devices, maybe it can sit on top of a rolling storage cart of some sort. That way it can be moved out of the walkway easily, stay close to the front of the bike (for cable routing cleanliness), and maybe keep small things out of site in its drawers/bins/whatever.

However, I think it may not be as high as you’d like, but that’s an option.

Quick update… I moved my rear Lasko fan onto an old barstool as recommended by @kurt.braeckel

Stunned, I am.

After 10 years of indoor training, with lots of high quality Lasko fans and stuff, I am literally shocked how much of a difference it made to elevate my rear fan. I don’t want to try it with my forward fans (plural) because I think my eyes would dry out. But the rear fan, directly on my back (instead of my rump/legs) is like an epiphany. :slight_smile:

“Try it, you must” - Yoda.


Yup. From above:

raise those rear fans and get 'em pointing directly at the back of your head and upper back!!!


I love that you have a tin of Jingle Jangle right there! FTW !

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I’m a Christmas Chex mix fan! Don’t remember eating any of that Jingle Jangle. Nice container to store stuff!

It’s a total game changer, right? That’s my primary fan now, the front ones supplement it.


It’s definitely nice but I found it competed with the front/side fan sonI couldn’t feel anything on my face.

Maybe will try arranging them again in a different way

thinking of adding a tv above and gym mirror (used to think I always needed one but have been lifting for 2+ years without one and it’s fine). Been using my surface to play races while I’m on TR. Screen overkill but I need them all (ipad, monitor, iphone for music connected by quad lock, garmin edge, surface). It’s cold right now so the one floor fan does the job but I imagine in summer I’ll need to double up. Not shown is a modular deadlift platform that I lay out whenever I do deadlifts


Emphasis on cave.

I’ve been really happy with the two-fan setup now that I’ve got them pointed in such a way that they’re not counteracting each other. I’ll run Zwift or other entertainment on the Apple TV and TR on my phone or the headunit.


I really like the color on that Thesis!

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Here’s mine. Only real difference from the photo is I have a Lifeline trainer table in the front with the Lasko underneath, and a second Lasko perched at saddle height behind me (on the table saw). In warmer weather I have a window AC that goes in the back window and blows right on me.

Still have to finish painting the ceiling, hang some shelves, and build a little more storage…


@billytheconq Man, you’re not kidding when you put the emphasis on the cave!! No need for fancy digs, when you’re just focusing on digging deep!

:heart: it !


Thanks! Haha it certainly focuses the mind :triumph:


If you go this route, I’d strongly recommend you mount it directly into a stud behind the sheetrock. I wouldn’t trust typical drywall anchors to stay put with the vibrations from a fan. There are a few that could be up to it, but I’d still prefer to get it anchored to a stud.


I think this looks great.

Some of these setups look more like Pain Palaces, and full respect to them.

Personally I prefer the pain cave, and this looks a perfect example of using available space.


We are at the tail end of our renovation, so my thoughts are turning to upgrades for the paincave (roughly 13’ x 10’). Here’s what I have so far:

Things we already have:

  • Stages SB20 smartbike
  • An assortment of Kettlebells & dumbbells and a storage rack for them
  • Step + extra risers
  • Swiss Ball
  • Bosu
  • Large (~4’ x 10’) mat for stretching
  • Bench - but I’m probably going to get a better one

Any suggestions on things to get / add?

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You shouldn’t need to add anything to mount a TV or TRX. If you have studs and/or joists you can mount to those. Incidentally though I have my TV and Zwift computer on a motorized wheeled TV mount. This adds a lot of flexibility. You can move it right in front of the bike and move it out of the way to open up floor space. For us it also allows me to move it in front of the treadmill and adjust the height for that too.

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