Lauf Grit Fork Wobble

The Revolt X builds are all dropper. The X uses a suspension dropper like the PWN Coast. This is fine, but it’s going to ride worse in general bumps than the D-shapes post even with the suspension feature because of the direction of them impact.


I’ve noticed it but only on pavement and it’s not particularly bothersome and doesn’t happen every time. I’ve been super happy with my true grit. So much so I haven’t been able to convince myself that I need to upgrade to the Seigla.

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I read the other day that lauf and fsa worked together to come out with some dampening headset bearings. I wonder is this would reduce and/or eliminate any high speed wobble some have run into.

Cane creek has a similar thing and they describe it as such

“Designed to reduce high-frequency oscillation of the bicycle steering assembly, known as speed wobble.”

Thanks for pointing that out! I skimmed the article but missed the speed wobble point. :thinking:

The speed wobble mention was actually on cane creeks website as I went there to read about their similar headset.

I ride a Lauf with the True Grit fork. On gravel it’s better than any fork I’ve ridden. It loves washboards. On road I’ve bumped up over 40 mph downhill and no wobble. I had a Revolt that threw me into a high speed wobble 3 times on downhill road and gravel. I had to ensure spot on body position with it if I knew I was going 35 plus.

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I had a Lauf, and for me, when I would climb, OOS, I could feel the fork wobble back and forth with each shift of my weight. I realize downhill wobble is a completely different beast. Just sharing because when I first read the comments about fork wobble here, I assumed we were talking about my issue and not descending.

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I’m definitely tracking reports of this behavior. I won’t call it an issue because I think that sort of bobbing should be expected given the leaf-spring design of the fork. I wouldn’t necessarily expect a telescoping fork to bob, but it is a damped suspension system. I would expect suspension stems to bob a little, too. Good (or bad) for me, I’m not that powerful so doubt I’ll get it to bob at all! :disappointed:

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I totally agree. It’s a leaf spring and it doesn’t lock out, so it’s only natural that when you push up and down, it’s going to bob. It surprised me the first time it happened, so I tell people so they won’t be surprised too.

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