Latex tube selection

Been using Vittoria competition tubes but they always seem to eventually fail where the valve is bonded so want to see what else is out there for latex tubes with removable cores. I’ve had decent luck with Bontrager XXX latex tubes but they’re a bit more pricy

What latex are you using with a removable core?

I am on the Silca and like them, but have no other latex tube experience to compare them.

Silca are just Vittoria tubes


Challenge and Vedrestien (spelling) are supposedly the fastest latex tubes.

I’m running challenge (I think) at the moment.

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had similiar problems too on Vittoria latex…
changed to Tubolito for less hassle and don’t have to pump air every next day.

Vittoria tubes with aluminum valves

Vittoria branded tubes also use aluminum valves. They are literally the same exact tube except Silca marks them up $4

No they are brass. I’ve got a stack of them I barely use any more now that I’m mostly tubeless

Maybe the old ones are brass. New ones are aluminum.


That must have been a recent change, but definitely wasn’t the case when Josh introduced his silca branded ones, they probably just took his custom order and started selling them!

Looks like they beefed up the butyl base too, mine would rip at the core after a few years

Maybe, I’ve been buying them for 2 years and have never received a brass valved one. It leads to a slightly more balanced feeling wheel on a work stand but I’ve used brass valved ones and on the road you can’t feel any vibration or anything

Mine seem to always let go where the base meets the latex anyway so I dunno how beefy they really are.

If you look most of the sites that sell them they still show the brass valve version. Good to know they went to aluminum

I got a pair of challenge latex tubes to try out and see if the QC is a bit better. The Vittoria work great but when they fail it’s constantly in the same spot and I’m hoping Challenge are a bit more robust

I switched to the Vittoria latex tubes some time at the start of July so its too early to know about their valve but I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to fit and their air retention so far despite me using a valve extender.

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I’m sorry, is the failing of a tube base after “a few years” really a failure? I mean, I guess my specialized branded butyl tubes last “a few years” before they fail at the valve stem but I’ve never considered that fault, but an impressive feat of durability.

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I have some butyl tubes that are like over 5 years old, and it’s a common complaint with latex. I still use them but it’s definitely a weakness. Some brands seem to have a better design like michelin

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Michelin for me too