Latest Zwift Update released (updated Jan 2023)

i know enough about software development to say that it’s totally possible and would take years. the one constant in software is nothing is ever as smooth as you hope or even plan for


What??? That can’t be.

I see comments all the time (by people who have no idea what they are talking about) how easy every little software thing they ask for should be to implement :wink:


One constant I have seen over the decades is that things users think should be easy are hard and things they think should be hard are easy.


I rode some of the new roads today…I don’t get it.

They must have some sort of plan for them, but I can’t really see it :man_shrugging:

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DItto. Virtual tarmac must be more expensive than I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I did the Serpentine 8 and Beach Island Loop (insert gripe about having to log out of the game and restart it to ride another route)…there was maybe 3 km of new roads between the two. Mostly it just appears to be brief connectors to existing roads so they can create “new” routes without much effort.


C’mon…let’s be fair. There was virtual dirt in the Jungle Loop, too. :roll_eyes:

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I must say, switching worlds with Apple TV is not a big deal. I’d guess less than one minute from logging out of one world and into a different world and riding again.

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Sadly, that’s not the experience on all platforms. Win10 PC (i7, 16gb ram, 4gb GTX1070 vid) is at least a few minutes out and back (never timed, but nothing close to one minute).


I was looking forward to this update after @GPLama had posted it earlier on his YT channel. Sadly after updating the app on my Apple TV 4k, I was experiencing dropouts/pairing issues. A few others on the ToNY ride was also having the same but not sure which platforms they were on.

Rarely do I have issues on the Apple TV but this update was frustrating to say the least. Early in the ride I was doing good until the droput hiccups, then middle to end of the ride the resistance on the hills were severely delayed by a few seconds. Hard to get into a rhythm/cadence when all you can do this just wait and push the watts hards and wait till it subsided which did not match with what you’re seeing. Hoping they’ push another fix soon so I can complete the NY tour without issues.

I haven’t covered this update as yet. It’s on the cards for sometime today now the IOS version has been pushed.


Zwift route question. I select a specific route and ride it to completion. Is there a way to the ride another route without closing Zwift and starting a new ride? I’ve been doing my TR workouts while knocking down a few routes to level up in Zwift.

No. You have to quit the app, or quit to main menu.

It’s been a long running joke about Zwift that they raise hundreds of millions of dollars, go after esports and are attempting to build a Peloton style bike, but they can’t seem to fix the most commonly asked for ear-flick that has been requested for literally years.

If Zwift adds selecting a new route without quitting and a lap button that adds a lap marker to the file, I’m buying a lottery ticket.


None of those specs matter if you don’t have an SSD. :wink: I have like a 7-8 year old Sony Vaio that hums along great since I put an SSD in it…definitely couldn’t say the same thing with the old HD in it though :joy: (I’d get Zwift fired up as soon as I got to the pain cave then start getting changed and whatnot). I can easily get out and back into Zwift in under a minute now–still dumb that you have to quit the game though, especially since the technology to switch worlds and end/auto-save rides is already there when you’re riding around before joining an event.

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I suspect you might be right (that they might not care.)

Marketing is my day job, so I do have a perspective on this. There are defintiely examples where users 1) don’t know how complicated what they’re asking for is, 2) the company thinks that the user is ‘wrong’ about what they actually want, or 3) the company just wants the users to wait while they achieve a bigger goal.

For now, Zwift seems to be allowing frustration and discontent to grow. I deeply dislike it when I see apologists (of Zwift or anything else) say something like, “Well if you don’t like it, just leave/make your own.” It’s an untenable long term solutions. Users might stay even though they’re not happy, but that also slowly primes them to be excited to jump ship as soon as something new and shinier comes along. Companies that have a history of upsetting users while continuing to grow and add users DO seem to keep growing, but they’re also very at risk of disruption. See: taxis/Lyft.

All that’s to say: I hope Zwift succeeds because more people on bikes is always good in my own mind, but geez, it seems like they have some fundamental struggles.


500gb SSD too…

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@GPLama - do you know why Zwift is terrible at announcing events with enough time to prepare? The real world Haute Route would be a 6 or 9 month of preparation for most people, and Zwift will announce some cool event with one or two weeks notice. It’s just nuts, especially when we’re all stuck just doing virtual events too. I would totally pick my 2021 A-Event to be a Zwift one if they’d get on an announce the May/June/july events so I could train.


I like the new roads. The Epic KOM by pass and two bridges road are right where I would have put something.


The dirty workaround is to have a second account set up a meetup on the other road and then join that.

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No second account needed. You can create a meetup with the companion app whilst riding and invite someone. It doesn’t matter if they accept the invitation / join, so you can invite a random person by scrolling through a name list. On that topic: Sorry to all Aarons out there for always inviting you so short notice to a group ride for the two of us…


Good tip!